Dining Alfresco on the Front Porch

Dining Alfresco

I am so excited to be dining alfresco on the porch finally!  We have  finished decorating our front porch and have enjoyed relaxing out there, particularly in the evenings.  We finally got a break in the temperatures here in Florida yesterday, so I jumped at the chance to set a pretty table at which to dine.  

My husband and I searched and searched for the right furniture for our porch.  When we saw this set at Pier 1 we were so thrilled with the price, a fraction of what we had seen on similar styles and quality of furniture.  

Coincidently the first tablescape I am setting on my porch features these plates that are also from Pier 1.  I spotted these and photographed them for Instagram more than a month ago.  When I was in the store last week I saw that they were on sale.  That sealed the deal!  There were no salad plates left, but I did bring home these dinner plates.

Magnolia plates of course call for a magnolia centerpiece.  We replaced a couple of crape myrtles in our front yard with magnolias this summer.  I was hoping I could add a couple of blossoms off of the trees, but the recent storms had squelched that idea.  A few artificial ones had to suffice.

The gold flatware is from West Elm and was an easy choice with the green napkins, also from Pier 1.  I spied these leafy green placemats almost hidden on a shelf at Pier 1.  Make sure you take the time when shopping to really look high and low, you never know what you might discover!                                                                                                                                                              

The rattan wrapped water glasses and bronze stemware are treasures collected from Home Goods.

I am so happy with this tablescape and now it is time to sit down to a lovely dinner on the porch.  Tomorrow will be rainy and hot again, so you have to enjoy alfresco dining when you get the chance when its summertime in Florida!

I will be sharing this at the following link parties:   Sundays at Home

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  1. That’s very pretty Chloe – the furniture and the table elements. The magnolia tableware had caught my eye at P1 also – very handsome graphic. I love the reflection in that bronze stem! The furniture is beautiful. I want to ask your opinion of setting things directly on the wicker weave – have you found it to be hard? Wondering if you feel the need for a glass top for balance, especially with glasses….

    1. Thank you Rita, I am very happy with how everything has come together. I do want a glass top for the table, but the only ones I can find in stock are 48″ which would go all the way to the edge of the table, or 42″ which would be too small. I really want a 44″ piece which will set down right inside the wicker edging. I did not find these glasses to wobble on the tabletop, but I still will eventually add the glass.

  2. Chloe, I love the table and chairs you have chosen! The Tablescape is really pretty with the magnolia plates…I had contemplated those! Stemware adds another elemen of color which I love! Just beautiful and a great alfresco spot!

  3. You’ve rounded up some great finds for your newly decorated porch! Love the colour scheme and espec the stemware. Pretty table and chair set too.

  4. Dining at this table would be an absolute joy! I was in Wal-Mart this morning and came very close to picking up a bunch of faux magnolia stems. Now I wish I had. Against my better judgment, I will check out Pier 1 in hopes of finding the magnolia plates and placemats. Hopefully, you’ll have many more days where you can relax on your porch sitting in your pretty new furniture.

  5. Absolutely lovely Chloe! Florida can sure take a toll on our outdoor furniture can’t it? We need to replace ours soon and yours is sooooo pretty. Good job and your tablescape is perfect! I did a magnolia tablescape several years ago when I was having problems with Windows (I have a Mac now and you know what they say, now that I have a Mac, I’ll never go back!) 🙂 . If you would like to see my magnolia tablescape it is here.,https://www.meandmycaptain.com/2016/08/tech-support-steal-magnolias/ ….. tho yours is gorgeous! I can’t wait to join you in tablescapes! Thanks for inviting me.

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