Exciting Event at Disney’s Design & Display Warehouse

Hi friends!  I was so lucky last evening to get to attend a very special dinner at Disney’s Design & Display Warehouse in Orlando, Florida!  This is the place that creates all the exciting backdrops, props and display tables for Disney banquets and conventions.  You can just imagine all the fantastic stuff in their warehouse.  Unfortunately, the warehouse is considered a ‘backstage’ area, and I was not able to take pictures in there.  I knew that ahead of time, so I did not take my camera, but then I saw their offices, and found out I COULD take pictures in there.  Please don’t mind the camera phone pictures, and enjoy!
The lobby of the warehouse is all in black and white and grey. Don’t you love this Dalmation print sofa?

Each designer was allowed to design and decorate their office to their individual liking. One of the offices was decorated by a fan of Star Wars. Pretty cool…

Darth Vader watches this guy work every day!

So sorry for the blurry pictures…I was overwhelmed (and afraid they were going to tell me to stop taking pictures at any minute! ). The following are large prop pieces representing Plane Crazy, an early Mickey Mouse black and white animated short.

They had a beautiful replica of the Magic Mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves which hung on a wall the color of a green apple!

The most exciting part that we could photograph was their conference room…all themed to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland! 

Above is one of the chairs in the conference room with fabric featuring the Queen of Heart’s army of playing cards.

Chess pieces hung from the ceiling!

And a cute miniature door, straight out of the movie!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. It really was a magical event and fun to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into creating very special events by Disney.

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