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DIY Coastal Wreath

Coastal Wreath

I love my coastal style home, I just sort of wish it was actually on a coast!  Today I am sharing a simple DIY coastal wreath I made for my front door that ended up hanging out by my fireplace! This is such a distinctive wreath and totally different than any I have ever had on my front door.

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Coastal Wreath

I began with two dollar store hula hoops.  My Dollar Tree sells these in two sizes, one is about 20″ across and the larger is about 24″.  I went to work with the hula hoops, my handy hot glue gun, lots of hot glue sticks and some jute craft rope.  

DIY Coastal Wreath

I used the hot glue to attach the rope very tightly wrapped around the hula hoops. To keep from burning your fingers, you may want to use a low temp glue gun. You can also use these handy Silicone Finger Guards.  This is an easy project, but not necessarily a quick project.  If you have arthritis or difficulty with your wrist you may have trouble holding the rope as tightly as you need to as you glue it to the ring.  Make sure the end is securely glued to the hula hoop before you begin wrapping.  I try to have at least a little bit of glue on each wrap around the hula hoop.  

DIY Coastal Wreath

The most annoying part of this is just the fact that you have to keep pulling your entire supply of rope through the hoop as you wrap.  It is best to keep the excess rope as compact as you can to assist in this part.  Make sure each time you wrap the rope around you push it tightly to the rope that is already wrapped.  You don’t want any of the hula hoop showing through.

Coastal Wreath

When you get all the way around,  finish by gluing the ends together tightly on the back side of the hula hoop.  Then it will be time to begin again with the second hoop.  I used approximately 47 feet of 1/2 inch jute rope for the larger of my two hula hoops.  I just purchased two of the 50 foot rolls knowing I would use the leftover on additional craft projects.

You will have two rings like shown above when you finish. Note there are a couple of little bumps and lumps where I started a new piece of rope, but there is a solution for at least a couple of these!

DIY Coastal Wreath

Select two spots where those little bumps are and take some of your extra rope and pull it tightly around BOTH of the hoops as shown above. I wrapped mine around seven times, that is probably all you will be able to do while keeping the hoop shape.

DIY Coastal Wreath

Use the hot glue to secure that wrapped piece of rope to BOTH of the hoops on the backside.

Coastal Wreath

When your rope attaching the two hoops are secure, and the glue has dried, take a florist wire and feed it behind the knot and bend it into a circle to hang your wreath from.  My wire may not be pretty, but I am confident it is secure and my wreath will hold on my Command hook on my front door!

Coastal Wreath

 You can see I added a starfish with hot glue to the front of my wreath, but you can add any coastal embellishment.  If you are more into nautical, you could add an anchor or a little wooden sailboat!  I think this is the perfect way to add a bit of coastal decor to my front door and a nice change after my basket of geraniums with flags for Memorial Day, Flag Day and the Fourth of July. This will easily see me through until I am ready for some fall decor on my door.

Coastal Wreath

This stands out so nicely on my blue door!

Coastal Wreath

 My husband was washing off the front porch, so I brought this in for a little bit, now I have to decide if I like it better inside by my fireplace or on the front door!  This is an easy and project to add a bit of coastal flair to your home!  Let me know if you try this, I would love to see how yours turns out and how you embellish it if you decide to use something other than a starfish!

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  1. Very clever Chloe! I bet it is a bit of a pain wrapping that rope! I really like it on your fireplace!

  2. Absolutely love this idea! I can´t say my house has that coastal feel, but I do love it! This idea looks easy and beautiful!

    1. Thank you Johlene! I thought it was simple. You could always embellish it with something other than a starfish, too!

  3. Love and will have to get some hoops today

  4. What a fun and creative wreath Chloe, I love it and it’s perfect for your home and summer.

  5. I love it Chloe! You are very creative. Perfect for your home… door or fireplace!

  6. Your wreath is so pretty ~ simply elegant! Whenever I come across the words ‘coastal’ and ‘nautical’ my heart skips a beat…
    Sadly, the Atlantic Ocean is 1000 miles/2 days away. However, my family’s roots are anchored in Halifax, N.S. so my penchant for anything ‘seashore’ comes honestly! Like you, our little bungalow rivals a ‘down East’ cottage ~ plenty of shells, starfish, fishnets and even 2 old lobster traps both inside and out! If only I could enjoy the roar of the surf, mournful fog horns and demanding seagulls looking for lunches set aside by clam-diggers trolling the muck left behind by the receeded
    tide… I don’t need much more than that…God willing, maybe next year! sigh… Meanwhile, I’ll have to be content to make another wreath, this time with shells… AND ROPE! Thanks for the prompt, Chloe!

    1. Thanks so much Linda! I love lobster traps, but I do have to be careful not to make my house look like a seafood restaurant…you know what I mean? Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Who would have thought you could make a wreath out of hula hoop. I might try that. I’m definitely getting a silicone finger. Great tip

    1. I bet you could come up with all kinds of ways to use hula hoops in your garden, too!

  8. I love the simplicity of this and also appreciate how tedious wrapping the rope around the hoops was. It’s very pretty and perfect for your location and this time of year.

  9. Love this wreath! I would use white rope, to avoid hurting my old hands and possibly a little Blue and Gold ribbon along with an anchor. Could also use a styroform wreath for a smaller version. Will definitely try this.

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