DIY Succulent Vases

DIY Succulent Vases
DIY Succulent Vases

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It is time to look toward spring and summer and update my coffee table vignette, so I decided to get crafty and create these easy succulent vases to add some greenery to my interior.  These are faux succulents, so I can’t kill them!

Making coastal containers for succulent vasesI began with a variety of empty pantry containers.  DIY coastal vasesMuch like I made my coastal napkin rings, I used hot glue and began wrapping my first container with rope.  Making coastal vasesI just kept wrapping and gluing, making sure I squeezed the rope tightly together as I added more rope to the container.  Making Coastal style vasesWhen I got to the top, I made sure that I wrapped the rope around to hide the metal rim at the top of the container.  Make a coastal vase for faux flowersThe next step was to stick a piece of floral foam down inside the can without having it rise above the top edge of the vase.  Making coastal vases for faux succlents.I added moss onto the top of the floral foam, filling the spaces all the way around the edge of the can.Faux succulents in a coastal diy vaseI “planted” my little faux succulent and it looked great!  Time to start more!  Making coastal vases

Coastal Succulent vasesDIY Coastal vases for a succulent displayFor the third vase I decided to mix in some sections of hemp rope with the larger gauge rope for a little interest.

Coastal succulent containers.DIY Succulent vasesSome empty containers, some rope and a glue gun and glue can create some beautiful vases.  You can use these for fresh flowers if you are using cans or other waterproof containers.

I will be sharing these at the following link parties:  The Scoop | Show and Share  | Your Inspired DesignCreative Circle | This is How We Roll | Flaunt it Friday | Mad Skills Party | Metamorphosis Monday Creative Spark 

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  1. Chloe, will these succulents grow without putting soil in the can . I see you only put foam in and moss. Thank you for your ideas. One idea I might share is to braid some colorful ribbon into the twine. If you try it. I can see what it turns out like and save it in my craft book .

    1. No, Sue, these are artificial succulents. You would need to use dirt for real succulents and cannot use cardboard containers, as the moisture will deteriorate the cardboard.

  2. This is so cute! I am not a huge fan of succulents – yet – but these I could look at! Very neat idea, thank you for sharing. Saw this through Hometalk, and now I am going to subscribe to your site!

  3. They look fantastic! I recently wrapped the lower part of a battery-operated candle with sisal am starting to get hooked on the look.

    What a great selection of succulents you used. Can you share where you got them?


  4. These were artificial plants?! Wow! I thought they were real. I’m not really a greenery type of person either but these look nice AND real, like I said. I love flowers and some plants but I would always joke (but was actually serious) that I could kill a silk plant, lol! I love this idea! And, I love the different things you can do with this type of rope and twine! It’s like, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Thanks for the idea and I just signed up to get your emails!

    1. I know! That is the great thing about succulents, even the live ones look somewhat plastic, so you can get by with high quality artificial ones! I will be doing a Facebook Live tutorial for Hometalk on February 24th at 1 PM ET and show a couple of different twists on the same idea! I hope you can catch the show! n

  5. These are so cute! This would be a great craft to do with the kids as well! Family time and beautiful decorations for the house…win, win!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I love these, what a great way to recycle, with metal cans punch holes for drainage and you are all set. Do you know about the nylon colored ropes? They are beautiful colors and would look great used this way. Thanks for the great ideals. Jodi

  7. Chloe, you are so clever girl….after I see one of your DIY’s, I say to myself…why didn’t I think of that…too easy and soooooo cute.

    I will be trying my hand at one of these real soon and I have to check out Hobby Lobby for faux succulents next time I get way out there, LOL

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