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Easy Fall Tobacco Basket Project

Tobacco Basket Project

Tobacco baskets are turning up everywhere and this little tobacco basket project was a result of spotting one of these cute little baskets at Target!  For just $3, I knew I would use this, perhaps as a centerpiece.  


Really?  How darn cute is this.  I am sorry I didn’t buy more of them!  My daughter just moved into a new townhouse in Maryland and needs some things on her walls.  

I used a pipe cleaner to make a loop so I can hang this on a Command hook on the wall.  

This is going to be a sweet little fall decoration she can enjoy for the next few weeks.  I cut some faux fall leaf picks into smaller pieces.  

Cut pieces of the stems were secured to the tobacco basket with a generous amount of hot glue.   

I continued adding the leaves to make a nice little “nest” in the center of the basket.

It was time to get out the small vaux fruits I used for my Thanksgiving tablescape.  I love using fruits and vegetables in arrangements and vignettes during autumn.  The fruits of the harvest are always a reminder of the horn of plenty and all of the blessings we have as we give thanks this time of the year.

Adding a liberal amount hot glue will make it easy to attach the fruits to the center of my tobacco basket.

A pair of fruits will make a base for more to come.  

Time to add some texture with a little twine!  Spending time at my daughter’s means I don’t have all of the craft supplies I usually have, including bolts and bolts of ribbon.  I did have a little roll of twine! I had to get a little creative without my usual supplies.  It is good sometimes to be out of our element and be forced to get the creative juices flowing.  I cut a piece of scrap cardboard and was on my way!  Wrapping the twine around the piece of cardboard, I was just guessing that this would work and turn out!After wrapping the twin about 40 times around the cardboard, I thought I probably had enough thickness to pull this off.  Pull it off is what I did…I bent the cardboard a little bit and pulled off my twine, while keeping it in the shape it was from being wrapped around the cardboard.  It was simple as could be to tie the center of the twine loop with another piece of twine, wrapping it several times around the center of the loops.  I think I surprised myself with my sweet little twine bow.  This will fit in perfectly with my fall theme, a little bit of rustic or farmhouse kind of feel.  Getting out that hot glue gun again, I secured the little twine bow between the faux pomegranate and apple in the center of my basket.  To carry off that harvest look, I needed to add more of those faux fruits.  What a great little decoration for just a little bit of color and a nod to the harvest season with a petite tobacco basket filled with signs of the season.  


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  1. Hi Chloe

    Apologies for being so late. I’m nursing our one of our fur babies.

    This arrangement is beautiful and you give the best tutorials. I have say what you created with the twine grab me. You’re a genius. Pinned for the future.

    Thanks for sharing and I’m sure your daughter loved it


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