10 Tips for Hosting Holiday Guests

Tips for Hosting Holiday Guests

Tips for Hosting Holiday Guests

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It is time for me to be getting ready for hosting holiday guests.  Living a short five miles from the Walt Disney World Resort means I not only receive holiday guests, but I also find myself hosting throughout the cold and snowy winters up North.  I don’t blame them, I welcome them!  There are so many things to do to get ready for the holidays, but I don’t want to be scurrying around right before my guests arrive, so it is time to squeeze these things into my schedule, too!

1.  Provide a rack for their suitcase.

I have learned by making this mistake myself, that suitcases that have been checked baggage on a plane come out dirty.   You don’t want that dirt on your pretty bed linens, so provide your guests with a sturdy rack for their suitcase!

2.  Empty a couple of drawers for your guests.

Giving your guests some drawer space will allow them to keep the guest room a little tidier during their visit which is a stress reliever for everyone!

3.  Make sure you have allowed closet space and ample hangers.

This goes right along with drawer space.  You don’t want your guests to have to feel like they need to come to you to ask for hangers, so make  sure you have given them some space to unpack and hang up their clothing.

4.  Consider hanging hooks in your guests rooms for a quick way for guests to tidy up.

I have added a number of hooks in my guest rooms so that visitors may keep things picked up even when hurrying in and out to the many activities we are bound to be doing together.  Hang an umbrella on those hooks should they want to head out during questionable weather, too!

5.  Provide a water carafe or a couple of water bottles next to the bed.

This is just a special touch, make your guests as comfortable as possible, isn’t that what you would want?

6.  Leave brochures for local attractions and/or a local paper on the bedside stand.

We live in such a busy tourist area that there are always things going on my guests might be interested in.

7.  Provide clear information on accessing the internet.

Think about printing up a cute card with all of the information and framing it to leave on the bedside stand.

8.  Keep extra toiletries on hand should your guests have forgotten something.

Collect those sample sizes or that extra toothbrush the dentist gave you on your last check up.  Put them in a pretty basket or a canning jar somewhere your guests can find and let them help themselves!  Make sure that bathroom is clean and sparkling and that there is an ample supply of fluffy towels!

9.  Make it easy for your guests to help themselves to a snack.10 Tips for hosting holiday guests!

I have gotten in the habit of displaying a tiered server on my kitchen counter that is filled with all kinds of snacks, healthy and not so healthy, so that guests wanting a little nibble know what they are welcome to.  I do the same thing with a bright red tray inside my refrigerator.  I load it up with individual cheese sticks, apples and grapes, yogurt, individual servings of hummus and more, all so my guests know what they are free to snack on.  This means when I go to fix a meal I don’t find that someone has consumed an ingredient I was planning on using!  This goes hand in hand with making sure my early rising guests know where to find the coffee, coffee maker and how to operate it.

10.  Provide guests with a key to the house.

10 Tips for hosting holiday guests

Give your guests a dedicated house key so they may come and go at their leisure.  I made this one myself over on Zazzle, you can buy it there, or customize your own!

These little tips will make your guests feel welcome and make your life a little easier when those holiday guests arrive!  Enjoy your holidays more with a little preparation ahead of time!

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  1. Great tips. I have a suitcase holder and I leave it in the garage to use in the patio for big trays in the summer. I never thought to leave it in the guest room. A brilliant idea since I have had my guest leave their suitcases on the bed :). Snack station of have done and works out great, especially for the grandkids..
    Just starting reading your column, great job.


  2. Those suitcase racks come in very handy! The only guests we’ll be having this holiday season are our kids. We don’t actually count them as guests since they grew up here. Everyone pretty much goes to their old rooms. I do, however, have to stock up on snacks and tons of paper products. Luckily they all have house keys. I imagine that Florida is a pretty nice place to be this time of year. No snow and frigid temps!

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