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How to Make a Daisy Flower Arrangement

I have decked out my front porch with daisies for summer. When you decorate a porch for summer it only seems natural to have a themed luncheon out there! So, I hosted a casual daisy-themed luncheon which you can see by clicking that link! Of course a daisy themed table needed a daisy centerpiece!

I selected a white raised urn that I had gotten from At Home last year. A piece of wet floral foam easily wedged tightly into the container. If your piece of floral foam does not wedge securely in your container, you will want to secure it with waterproof floral tape.

Cut the wet floral foam so it is only slightly higher than the top of your container. You don’t want to leave it too high.

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I like to begin with five to seven blooms around the edge of my container, each spaced an equal distance apart. Next I go up at an angle, between each of the original blooms.

Continuing to build the arrangement, I add a daisy in the middle that is higher than all of the others.

It is very simple to continue adding additional layers, each one between and a little higher or lower than the ones you already have placed.

Continue that pattern until the arrangement is filled in as much as you want it to be.

At this point you can add an additional kind of flower like miniature carnations if you like, or you can go through and fill in with greenery.

Since I wanted to keep this arrangement light and airy, I decided to add baby’s breath.

Add clusters of baby’s breath throughout your arrangement.

Fill in all of the open spots with the clusters of baby’s breath.

When I finished adding the baby’s breath I felt that the centers of the daisies didn’t add as much yellow as I wanted, so I added some pieces of yellow and white striped wired ribbons to the arrangement.

My arrangement was finished and ready to display on my table! You can see the daisy themed table and more images of the tablescape HERE.

Supplies for making your own daisy centerpiece:

White daisy mums – two bunches, wherever you get your fresh flowers
Baby’s breath – one bunch wherever you get your fresh flowers
A similar white footed bowl
Waterproof floral tape
Wet floral foam
Yellow and white striped ribbon

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