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How to Make a Stunning Display on Your Mantel

I love decorating my mantel for any season or any holiday. With no big holiday coming until the Fourth of July, I was ready to decorate my mantel for summertime to just coordinate with my current family room decor. The focal item in my family room right now is these persimmon and navy blue floral pattern pillow covers.

The first step for this project is to attach two Command brand hooks to the mantel.

Use one full block of dry floral foam and wrap it with craft chicken wire. Secure the chicken wire around the foam with some pipe cleaners.

Slide the chicken wire-wrapped piece of floral foam onto the pair of Command hooks as shown below.

That is all that needs to be done so that you can now begin to build your arrangement. You will just stick your foliage into the floral foam.

Make sure that the pieces that are hanging down are secure in the floral foam so it does not slip out of the arrangement.

Continue to build up the arrangement in the shape that you want. I used some long hanging foliage at the base to hang down low.

Continue to add foliage until your arrangement is full.

When the arrangement is full with no bare holes, you can add some flowers for some color. I had picked up these faux artichokes and thought their unique texture would be a great addition.

For color to coordinate with my pillow covers I added one bush of these orange peonies from Michael’s.

For contrast with the color I added some of my real-touch hydrangeas.

Materials for creating your own stunning mantel display:

Faux foliage
Faux variegated foliage
Hanging faux foliage
More variegated faux foliage
Dry floral foam
Craft chicken wire
Faux variegated ficus leaves
Faux orange peonies (I used one bush)
Faux white hydrangeas
Faux artichokes

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