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How to make an Adorable Deco Mesh Garland to let your Home Sparkle this Holiday Season!

Candy themed Christmas decorations are just the thing when you have children or grandchildren visiting. Is there anything as fun as candy canes and gumdrops, gingerbread cookies and cupcakes when you are looking at the holiday through a child’s eyes? This is just the garland you need to bring those sparkling candy stripes to your holiday decorating this year!

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Step one:

Buy some inexpensive Christmas evergreen garlands that are wired. You don’t have to go for the big bulky and lush ones! Don’t pick out the ones that have pinecones or other decorative items on them, you just want the greenery! Make sure your get the kind of garland that is wired. What do I mean by wired? The kind with a wire supporting the garland and each little stem of needles is wired. This would be different than a soft garland that is generally more plastic and flexible.

Stretch out your garland and bend the branches, fluffing them to look more natural. This is the same as you would do with an artificial Christmas tree. Spread out the entire length of one of your pieces of garland.

Step two:

Spread out several yards of your deco mesh. I selected a red and white candy striped deco mesh. Bunch the deco mesh into a loose pouf and used the wired evergreen to secure it to the greener. About twelve inches down the garland, gather another loose pouf and secure it once again. Continue down your faux evergreen garland making sure you leave the deco mesh loose and poofed between the spots where you secure it to the garland.

The image below shows how to secure the deco mesh with the wired faux evergreen garland. Make sure where you secure it, you wrap the wired piece of the garland tightly around the deco mesh so that it does not come loose.

In the image below you can see how you poof the deco mesh between the spots where you secure it to the evergreen garland. Continue the length of your garland adding the deco mesh the entire length. If you cannot get the wires of the garland to secure the deco mesh, you can always add a piece of floral wire to cinch the deco mesh to the garland.

Step three:

To really make your garland stand out and have that fun candy striped look, find some fun holiday ribbon! Start at one end of your garland and now go along and add your ribbon the same way you did your deco mesh.

Pinch the ribbon together and secure it with the wired part of the garland (or alternatively some floral wire).

Do this all along the length of your garland and get that fun look that a candy themed Christmas would have!

The finished garland should look something like this:

Here is where you can see more of this sweet themed Christmas!

Supplies for making this project:

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