How to Make Cute Cheese Mice

I created these cute little mice to add to my offerings at my Cinderella Luncheon Party.  Knowing that Cinderella still has little mouse friends in the new movie, I knew I wanted to incorporate them in some way.  While it was easy to find pumpkins, butterflies and a golden coach, finding realistic little mice was not so easy.  Next best thing, create some mice out of food!

Cheese-MiceI am so happy with how my little mice turned out, and they were really delicious, too!


I began with a block of Kraft Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese.  You can, of course, use any cheese, I just used a flavor I liked.  I cut the entire block of cheese into pie-slice shapes.  I used this Oscar Mayer Beef Cotto Salami because I needed a thick meat to be able to use it for ears that would stand up.


Next I used a large decorating tip to cut circles out of the salami.  You will need 2 circles for each mouse, as in 2 ears per mouse.


I cut a tiny pit off of each circle to give it a flat bottom to tuck into the cheese wedge.  I sliced a thin slit into each side of the wedges and then tucked the ears right in.  Eyes and noses were created using French lentils which I was able to buy at my local grocery in the bulk food department, so I could just buy the few of them I would need.  By letting the cheese warm up to room temperature, the lentils pushed right into the cheese so they would not fall off as they were moved to plates.


The only thing thing the little mice needed now was little tails.  I sliced narrow little strips off the ribbed side of celery and plunged them into ice cold water.  Next I just used a toothpick to make a hole and poked the celery tails into the hole.


And here are my cute little cheese mice, all gathering around a regal crown, hoping Cinderella gets to wear a crown herself!

How to Make Cute Cheese Mice
Cuisine: Hors d’oeuvres
Author: Chloe Crabtree
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 8 mice
Cute little cheese mice for appetizers or kid’s lunches.
  • One block of firm cheese such as Cheddar or Brick
  • One thick slice of salami or other luncheon meat
  • One stalk of celery (for tails)
  • 3 small seeds or lentils per mouse (for eyes and noses)
  1. Cut the block of cheese into equal size wedges.
  2. Cut the meat into tiny circles.
  3. Cut one small edge off of each circle.
  4. Cut a small slice out of each wedge to tuck the meat into for ears.
  5. Press the seeds into the cheese for nose and eyes.
  6. Cut a thin slice off of the rib of the celery and trim for a perfect size tail. Poke a hole into the wedge and stick the piece of celery into the hole for a tail.
  7. Serve up the smiles!

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