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How to Style a St. Patrick’s Day Grazing Board

How to Style a St. Patrick’s Day Grazing Board

St. Patrick's Day Grazing Board

I have had such fun styling a St. Patrick’s Day grazing board.  The inspiration out there all over Instagram to get more artistic with my boards.   I hope I can inspire your to do the same!  

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Shamrock shaped cheese on a st. patrick's day grasing board

It is so easy to style this board.  Begin with a trip to the grocery store and keep your eyes open for anything green!  Some Irish soda bread will be enjoyed by guests in addition to the cheeses, fruits and spreads.  

St. Patrick's Day grazing board with green foods

Green apples and green grapes were a natural addition and will taste wonderful with the cheeses I added to my board.   I spotted this sharp cheddar with the Irish flag stripes in the wax at my local Fresh Market.  

Daffodils in front of a st. patrick's day grazing boardOther ideas of green foods are pickles , celery,  guacamole, cucumbers and olives.  

St. Patrick's Day grazing board with green foods and a shamrock shaped cheese

Wondering where I got that shamrock cheese?  I found some green “guacamole” cheese at my local grocery store.  I simply took a wheel of brie and used a cookie cutter to cut out a shamrock piece of cheese and replaced it with a piece of the guacamole cheese that I had cut with the same cookie cutter.  

When your St. Patrick’s Day grazing board is ready, set out some Irish themed plates and perhaps add a little sign like mine!  In addition to beer, Pellegrino with lime makes a fine beverage offering.  I used these plates for my St. Patrick’s tablescape.  

Don’t forget something sweet!  I added chocolate covered pretzels with green mint drizzle and white yogurt pretzels with the same mint drizzle.  A little dish of green Jelly Bellys and some little green apple candies were added to my board.  

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