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If You Make Wreaths,You NEED This!

If You Make Wreaths, You NEED This

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If you are a wreath maker, you just might need one of these!   This is one of those projects that I failed to take photos of while I was working on it.  Perhaps I wasn’t sure this was even going to turn out! I was lucky to have a couple of old doors left in my garage.  Looking at those doors, I knew it would help me if I had a door to make my wreaths and swags on.  

A trip to the Home Depot was the first job at hand.  They will do simple cuts of lumber for you, which made the lumber a little easier to manage to bring home.   Beginning with 2′ x 6’s.  I had them cut into 48″ lengths.  Eleven pieces would be needed for my project.  Three pieces were cut to 28″ lengths.  I then screwed the three pieces to the five longer pieces as shown above. 

While I had the bottom of my project exposed, I screwed heavy duty casters into each corner.  

On the other side I used two 48 ” pieces attached perpendicular to the base I already had.  I cut a piece of 1/2″ plywood the same size as the door and screwed it to the back side of the door.  Then I slid the door down in the opening and screwed the support pieces into the door and plywood.On the backside of the door, the plywood side, I drilled 40 holes with a 1/2″ drill bit and cut 40 1/2″ dowels.  Each dowel was stuck into a hole and secured with a dab of wood glue and I had a perfect place for ribbon storage. 

After I had my door and plywood attached to one another, I secured them between the perpendicular upright pieces of 2′ x 6′.

After I inserted my door/ribbon holder I felt it needed a little more stability.  I added a 2′ piece of 2 x 6 as shown at the arrow above.    

Add a Command hook and you have a base to style wreaths on and all of your ribbons are neatly hidden on the backside!  

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  1. This is such a great idea Chloe! I do need storage for my ribbons, and I love the hook on the other side to style (and stage) wreaths. I’m going to be checking my local Habitat Restore for an old door!

  2. Chloe, what a fabulous idea!! Makes life so much easier! Right now, mine are all shoved in a cabinet. May have to chat with the hubster about this idea! Love and hugs!

  3. Holy wow Chloe, what a professional set up!! I usually just hang mine on a kitchen cabinet or make it right on the front door I am very impressed!

    1. I have given up my craft room, so after 4 years of using this, I think I might be passing mine on to another crafter!

      1. Why have you given up your craft room? I’m so inspired by your creativity.

        1. Oh, thank you Peggy, alas, that space was just better used as a closet off of our master bedroom so we can expand and renovate our outdated bathroom. We are in the process of hiring a contractor and will be adding an additional single car garage with extra space for my crafting and will have it air conditioned!

  4. That is amazing, I just start this year to make wreaths and this is a great idea

  5. I love this idea; however, my challenge is storing all my wreaths. Any suggestions.

    1. I am lucky to have an extra walk in closet that lets me put dry cleaner bags over them and hang them up when not being used.

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