Make a Driftwood Garland

Make a Driftwood Garland

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I love everything coastal.  My blue bead garland is fine, but I really had been looking for something a little different.  At the same time I have been trying to clean out all of my craft supplies.  I came across my big boxes of driftwood which sparked an idea!  A driftwood garland!  Even though Florida is my “most of the time” home, I also spend an occasional week in Ohio in a condominium we have there.  We are right on Lake Erie with fabulous views and a short drive away is this little park where I can gather all of the driftwood I want!  I try to select the pieces I have a project in mind for! 

While collecting, I try and knock as much sand off as I possibly can.  When I get to Florida, I lay my driftwood out on the patio and soak it down with the hose.  I turn over the pieces and wash it down again before leaving it out in the sun to dry. 
Four to six inch long pieces were what I decided this project needed.  After selecting all of my pieces I went to work (with a little help from Dad) drilling holes in each one.  I used a 1/8″ drill bit for this project.  (For those of you who read Celebrate & Decorate a lot, yes, dad has lost most of his eyesight and this is the only one I let him demonstrate for me to take the photo.)So, now I have a big pile of pieces of driftwood with holes drilled through them!  Fill a container with acrylic craft paint (I selected white).  Dip each piece into the paint and then tap it to dislodge as much of the extra paint as you can.  I found the easiest way to let my driftwood dry was to set it on the edge of a scrap piece of styrofoam.  That way, each piece can continue to drip off any excess paint.  The next step didn’t really require any photos.  Simply string the driftwood pieces onto a piece of heavy string (I used hemp rope).  Knot it several times at each end to keep the end pieces from slipping off.  I now have an alternative to a bead garland to add to the coastal decor in my home!  It looks pretty good draped over my lobster trap!  Don’t worry about the pieces spinning around.  Yes, some of the white ends are on one side and some on the other.  I just think this is a charming piece to add to any coastal or beach decor.  The possibilities of where to display my garland are endless!  Happy driftwood hunting!  Head out and enjoy some beach time this summer!  

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  1. Love this idea – and it looks amazing. I have seen similar garlands in stores; they are always pretty costly. This seems like a fun and easy project with the added bonus of not only saving money but creating something that has meaning and memories attached. I remember collecting bits of driftwood with loved ones in the past… Nice memories. Well done, Chloe!

  2. I love your garland! I just happen to be in the middle of making one myself. I have the driftwood pieces all drilled and waiting to be strung. But I hadn’t thought of painting the ends of them, what I great idea. Thanks for the suggestion and I enjoy all you crafting ideas and Tablescapes on your posts. Thanks.

    1. Thanks so much Deri! I just wanted that contrast of color on the wood! I want to especially thank you for taking the time to leave me your thoughts! I LOVE to hear from my readers! Where are you able to collect your driftwood? Everyone thinks I would find it on the beaches of Florida, but alas, Lake Erie gives me much more!

      1. Hi. I live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. A long way from Florida! We have no end to drift wood and I like to craft with anything nautical. My favourite Tablescapes are my sea themed ones. I have been following your posts for quite awhile and look forward to receiving them on my email. I appreciate your ideas and get lots of inspiration from you. Thank you so much.

  3. Oh, I just loved this idea. SO’s grandchildren are arriving from MN this week and a beach day is scheduled! Finding driftwood would be just a good group project! Or for me alone sometime; I am closer to God when at the ocean! Let the tourists go for the big shells; I search for tiny ones for my dollhouse people’s collections!

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