Make a Fairy House Wreath

Make a Fairy House Wreath

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A little wooden bird house has been hanging out with my craft supplies for quite some time.  It was time to do something with this.  I had also purchased a moss wreath form at one point that I hadn’t done anything with.  Then you get that “ah ha” moment and figure out what to make, and this is it!

Gather some pinecones and start taking them apart.  You want to separate each individual “petal”.   Cut the pinecone in pieces with a pair of wire cutters and then use the cutters to cut off those “petals”.

Use hot glue or your favorite craft glue to attach the “petals” as shown above. 

Of course after I started gluing down the pine cone pieces, I realized I should have painted the top brown in case it showed through anyplace.  Better late than never, I painted it at this point.  Finish gluing all of the ‘shingles’ on the roof of the house.  Next step was to collect some bark that peels so easily from our sycamore trees.  This will be used to cover the sides of the little bird house.  Craft scissors easily trim the sycamore bark to fit it around the base of the house.  At first I thought I would leave the hole in the bird house for the door, but later I changed my mind on that.  When I wanted to attach the fairy house to my wreath, I used wire around the top edge beneath the roof and twisted it securely in the back.  I would use this to secure the fairy house to the wreath. Another wire was added near the base of the house and hidden with additional pieces of bark.  This would provide two wires to secure the house to the wreath.  Of course, fairies need a door.  I fashioned one out of bark and added a tiny twig door knob.  With the fairy house complete, it was time to build my wreath.  I secured the house to a 12″ moss wreath form with the wires.  The rest is very easy, and the fun part.  I wanted to hide the bottom of the house, so I attached some reindeer moss with hot glue.  A couple of faux leaves and artificial butterflies were also added.  A few little faux mushrooms were also added to give the woodland feel to the fairy house.  A few more leaves, butterflies and clusters of acorns and a sweet little fairy house wreath is done and ready to decorate a corner of your home! 

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  1. Adorable Chloe! I love how you transformed your little birdhouse with the pine cone shingles and created the door. I’m sure the fairies have already taken up residence. 🙂 So happy to be crafting with you again. Thanks your organizing efforts. Happy Thursday ♥

  2. Adorable Chloe! I love how you transformed your little birdhouse with the pine cone shingles and created the door. I’m sure the fairies have already taken up residence. 🙂 So happy to be crafting with you again. Thanks your organizing efforts. Happy Thursday!

  3. What a fun way to update a little birdhouse using pine cone scales. Love how it looks with the adorable woodland embellishments creating a lovely fairy wreath!

  4. That fairy house is next level. It turned out so amazing. Do you make gingerbread houses? I can only imagine what you could do with one of those. Thanks for hosting the hop.

  5. So cute Chloe! The fairy house is brilliant, love the sweet little door! The moss covered wreath is perfect for your fairy house scene! Thank you for hosting our creative craft hop!

  6. Chloe, your ah ha moment turned into an amazing wreath. Love all the small touches you added to make it really charming.
    Thank you for hosting this hop 🙂

  7. Chloe, I LOVE how you created a fairy house with pinecones and bark. That was so clever! Your fairy wreath is adorable! I’m inspired to make one for my daughter, who’s obsessed with fairies. Thanks for the inspiration and for hosting this fun hop 🙂

  8. Absolutely adorable Chloe. Love the “remodeling” you did on the birdhouse. So clever! I just made a Halloween wreath using a pirate ship birdhouse. Never thought of incorporating a birdhouse into a wreath before, and there are so many options available! Especially like your choice of using the moss covered wreath base.

  9. This is fabulous Chloe, you thought of everything. The fairies are going to enjoy their new home and hopefully they bring good luck.


  10. Those shingles! Make me want to run out and collect pine cones. Just love how this turned out Chloe, and of course the woodland theme!

  11. That is so cute and creative. Did you use live moss or artificial ?
    So glad you showed how to make the pine cone petal shingles. Who hasn’t had a Christmas birdhouse ornament that the ‘shingles’ didn’t fall off ?

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