Make this pretty and fun butterfly wreath!

Start with a store-bought boxwood wreath and turn it into a delightful decor for your front door! This is an easy to customize look for your door! Only two items had to be purchased, the wreath and the butterflies to create this lovely wreath that really would work all summer for me!

Instead of making my wreath for this project, I bought a plain boxwood wreath on sale. Whenever you see these on sale, take advantage of the sale! These are so easy to dress up and theme for a different holiday, season or special event.

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I found these fun butterflies on Amazon. These are marketed as butterflies you can add to your garden. With long wire stems and little springs at the top, these plastic butterflies could be seen fluttering above your flower beds and potted plants all summer long! I bought the packages that come with 75 of these, but you can also buy them in packages of 50.

As you can see from the photos, the butterflies arrive flat. You will need to unfold each one.

Look how pretty they are when you unfold them! You will find a variety of patterns and colors in each package of butterflies. It is so fun to unfold them and see what each one looks like.

It seems all of the premade wreaths these days are being made with this fine stem or vine-like structure. For this project, this provides a perfect density.

I turned my wreath over and stuck one of the wires from the butterflies in to show how the wires can be secured right down in the dense stems. Of course, you will want to be doing this from the front, down through the boxwood.

I cut the wires on my butterflies so they would not poke out the backside of my wreath and then pushed them right through the boxwood and into the stems.

I just began sticking the shortened wires down through the boxwood and into the base of the wreath.

This is the fun part, to just start adding butterflies in a random pattern all around the wreath.

I added the butterflies in a random pattern, stopping occasionally to look at where there might be some bare spots that need additional an additional butterfly.

I made sure I added some butterflies around the outside edge of the wreath, as it will be seen as well as the front or “top” of the wreath. I didn’t want any bare spots of boxwood.

In no time at all I had a beautiful fluttering butterfly wreath to display on my front door!

Supplies for this project:

Faux Boxwood Wreath (I found mine on sale at Michael’s after Christmas, but this one is similar)
Faux Butterflies
Wire cutters (these are my favorites)

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  1. This is so pretty and you’ve given me an idea! I don’t have a wreath but I do have a miss bunny with a basket for the door and these butterflies would look great in his basket! Thanks for the inspiration and happy spring! Pinned!

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