Perfectly Fun Valentine’s Gifts

I was so excited when my Tervis Valentine’s tumbler order arrived, I couldn’t wait to get to work creating these fun Valentine gifts.  If you have been reading Celebrate and Decorate for awhile, you know I LOVE Tervis tumblers.

Fun Valentine Gifts

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Living in a warm climate I love that my tumblers never sweat, and they keep my water cold all day.  The best part for me is keeping a lid on them, because more than once I have knocked over my tumbler, but only a couple of drops drip out before I can right it!   In addition to loving these for myself, I really like gifting them to friends, family.  I think you will, too, and these make perfect gifts for coworkers who will love having these on their desktops.  Fun Valentine's Gifts My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day, but I love baking heart shaped cookies and passing them out to friends and acquaintances, even people I just encounter, like the grocery store checker.  For a few special people, I planned on gifting these adorable Tervis tumblers and adding a little bit of candy and flowers to them.  I also treated myself to this great Pink Hearts All Over Tervis Water Bottle.  If I decide to gift this to someone I know would enjoy it, I will fill it with Hershey’s Kisses!  Fun Valentine's Gifts

Fun Valentine's Gifts Put a tumbler like this, full of candy kisses and topped with Valentine suckers, and everyone will want to stop by your desk for a little treat!  Here is how I made this:Fun Valentine's Gifts Begin with a fun tumbler like this one with arrows on it and fill with your choice of candies.  Top it with a styrofoam ball that fits snugly in the top of the tumbler.  Fun Valentine's Gifts Secure the styrofoam ball to the tumbler with floral anchor tape.  Run the tape over the top of the ball and where it attaches to the tumbler, put another piece across and over the tape to secure it.  When you get the suckers on it, it will be somewhat top heavy.

I received Tervis tumblers and compensation for this blog post, all designs and opinions are mine.

Fun Valentine's Gifts Begin sticking your suckers into the styrofoam until you have it completely full.  You don’t have to put them too close together to get a full look.  What a fun Valentine’s gift for a teacher to share with his or her students.  Fun Valentine's Gifts Candy is great, but so are fresh flowers.  I decided to use this fun conversation heart tumbler for a combination of fresh flowers and conversation heart candies.  I cut down a plastic cup to fit inside the tumbler.  Fun Valentine's Gifts Put the cut cup down in the tumbler and add some floral foam that has been soaked in water. Fun Valentine's Gifts Secure the floral foam and the cup in the tumbler just like I did the styrofoam ball.  I then began to make my arrangement, very simple with foxtails for greenery and miniature carnations.  Fun Valentine's Gifts Fun Valentine's Gifts Finish off the arrangement with pink and white miniature carnations and make sure you have filled the bottom of the tumbler with conversation heart candies to match the pattern!  What a perfectly fun Valentines gift to give or to receive!

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  1. Beautiful, fun, fast and so darn cute! I am also a big fan of Tervis, and have been lucky enough on occasion to pick up some random, out of season ones at Bed, Bath & Beyond really inexpensively. I always buy them, throw in the “gift box” and when the need arises I have a great gift for a neighbor or coworker. Love what you have done with them here, I just might plop some flowers in mine and put it on the kitchen table for myself! Many thanks!

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