Southwest Style in Tucson

I recently headed from Florida to Tucson with my husband for a business conference I was anxious to take in all of the landscape and southwest style.  I have spent very little time in the Southwest United States, so I enjoyed taking in the sights of the desert.  This isn’t a DIY or a tablescape, it is just me sharing some of the beautiful things I got to experience.

Southwest Style in Tucson

Attending a catered event is a treat for someone who enjoys styling tables.  This was such a unique location for an outdoor dinner event.   Simple lanterns adorned some of the tables to shed additional light as the sun set.

Southwest Style in Tucson

All kinds of succulents were displayed along with green trick dianthus and green hypericum berries

Southwest Style in TucsonIn one area unique silver vases were displayed with succulents and orange calla lilies.  Southwest Style in TucsonColors were not limited to tabletops, this colorful wall was built from naturally colored stacked stone.  Southwest Style in TucsonThe landscape and the view of the mountains in the distance was so stunning and different from what I am used to either in Ohio or in Florida.  The mountains in the distance were striking, no matter what direction I gazed.  Southwest Style in TucsonMuch of the food offerings were displayed in individual servings so guests could just choose those items they wanted.  This is always a good idea when entertaining.  Southwest Style in TucsonWhen the sun began to set, all of the outdoor lighting added ambiance to the party.Southwest Style in TucsonA stunning fireplace with soft places to sit all along the hearth was the focal point of a large round room at the golf club.  Southwest Style in TucsonMy trip to the southwest was short, but I was certainly impacted by the lovely catered dinners I attended and the stunning landscapes.  Do you live in the southwest?  What are your favorite elements of southwest style?Southwest Style in TucsonSouthwest Style in Tucson

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  1. Chloe, what a lovely venue and event…the succulents are so pretty along with the stonework! I have been to the Southwest and was particularly fascinated with Santa Fe and its artsy vibe…beautiful sunsets and architecture!

  2. Beautiful! You take great photos too! Southwest is a lovely place, we are all lucky to live in a country with such varied climates and landscape. Each part of the country has its own special beauty – a feast for the eyes, and you capture it well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The beauty of the southwest was enhanced by your photography skills. This is a beautiful venue and I would have been totally captivated by the views of the mountains. I love checking out the details of styled tables when I have the chance and thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics.

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