Spring Flowering Branches in Home Decor

When late winter or early spring arrives, it brings us the most beautiful surprise in the way of spring-flowering shrubs! It is the time of year to take advantage of the blooming branches and display them in your home!

If you are lucky enough to have access to a lot of different flowering branches, mass a display like this one above.

In the United States you would be hard pressed to find as beautiful blooming trees as you can find in the Washington D.C. area. I was lucky to be at my daughter’s in Maryland when the the cherry blossoms were blooming this year.

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I have always thought that pussy willows say spring.  My daughter loved rubbing fuzzy things like pussy willows against her nose when she was little.  Who doesn’t remember the softness of pussy willows?

A great way to have blooming branches in your home is to select branches of your fruit trees that are have lots of plump buds. Cut your branches with sharp pruners. Bring the cut branches indoors and make sure they have a clean cut on the stem when you are cutting them the length you need for your vase. Place them in clean water. If you want to force the stems as quickly as possible, you will place them in a warm location, but out of direct sunlight. Cherry branches are the most beautiful of the spring-flowering trees.

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For best results, after a couple of days you will start to see the buds begin to open. To keep the spring flowering branches as long as possible, you will want to move them to a cool location and make sure you replace the water every few days. Make sure you use a vase solution to keep those fresh cut branches blooming. Get creative and display your branches in some rain boots. Put a tall vase inside some rain boots and place branches in fresh water and floral preservative to present the growth of bacteria.

Stop by A Cultivated Nest and check out her creative Pottery Barn knock off for displaying lovely forsythia branches.

Source: Elle Decor

No blooms on your branches?  Cut some branches that are just starting to sprout with green leaves and bring them inside for a hint of Spring around the corner.  Forsythia, cherry, pussy willow, dogwood, hawthorn, there are so many flowering branches to choose from.  If you can’t find any near you, you might contact a local or online florist to bring some spring branches into your home.

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