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Spring Flowering Branches in Home Decor

Perhaps you are lucky enough to live where the branches in the woods are beginning to bud with little peeks of color here and there.  Maybe you are extra lucky enough to have access to those branches and able to cut some and bring them inside for a lovely whisper of Spring into your home.  Daffodils and tulips shout Spring, but lovely flowering branches sort of whisper it, don’t they?

Source: Fairy Creations

If you are lucky enough to have access to a lot of different flowering branches, mass a display like this one above.

Source: Lushhome

Pussy willows have always said Spring to me.  My daughter loved rubbing fuzzy things like pussy willows against her nose when she was little.  Who doesn’t remember the softness of pussy willows?

Source: Kristy Seibert

Flowering Cherry blossoms are among Spring’s most beautiful gifts, aren’t they?

Source: A Cultivated Nest

Stop by A Cultivated Nest and check out her creative Pottery Barn knock off for displaying lovely forsythia branches.

Source: bthriftyblogspot

Get creative and display your branches in some rain boots.

Source: Elle Decor

No blooms on your branches?  Cut some branches that are just starting to sprout with green leaves and bring them inside for a hint of Spring around the corner.  Forsythia, cherry, pussy willow, dogwood, hawthorn, there are so many flowering branches to choose from.  If you can’t find any near you, you might contact a local or online florist to bring some spring branches into your home.

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