Sunday Style – Over the Top Bedrooms

I like themed rooms, particularly for children’s rooms, they can be a lot of fun; however, these rooms go a little over the top for me.  Many of these rooms are just financially unattainable for the average person.  Take a look and do a little dreaming, or pick out some of the ideas and modify them for your space and budget.

Dinosaur themed bed
Dinosaur themed bed ~ Theme Rooms

If you close your eyes to go to sleep, WATCH OUT!  You might wake up in the stomach of a dinosaur!

A Lego-walled room ~ HGTV

Walls covered with Lego pads so they can build and attach any Legos right to the wall!  Will it keep the pieces off the floor?

Castle Bed fit for a Princess
A Castle Bed fit for a Princess ~ Chameleon Content

I know most little girls dream of being a Princess.  This is a lovely castle bed that includes the palace stairs up one side and a slide down the other.  The bed is a cozy little place, not just to sleep, but to curl up with a good book.

Bulldozer Bed ~ Kid’s Furniture

A great bed for a little construction worker.  The front-end-bucket is also a toy box!

Swan Bed ~ The Stylelogue

This swan bed is most likely designed as an adult bed. Many women might love sleeping in this dream bed, but I am not sure what the men in their lives will think about it! It is a lovely work of art.

Dollhouse Bed
Dollhouse Bed ~ Architectural Digest

A dollhouse of a bed! This little bunk bed set gives a whole new style to bunk beds, and keeps little ones in the upper bunk with the wall with windows. The stairs up to the upper bunk are much safer than the old ladder designs. What little girl will want to get up from this bed? She might want to stay in bed and play all day!

A Space Shuttle Bed ~ My Moondrops

This Space Shuttle Bed would be great for an aspiring astronaut.  This can be used as a bed, loft, or just a play space.

La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach
A Princess Coach Bed ~ Posh Tots

This bed and the following three beds are all custom designed and made by PoshTots.  They are incredibly creative beds.  They are over my budget, but I can always dream!

Starship Fighter Bed
Starship Fighter Bed ~ Posh Tots

This is an incredible space-themed bedroom with this over-the-top bed.  You can fall asleep dreaming about conquering new worlds, or just settle in for some classic Star Wars movies on the television!

Viking Ship Bed
Viking Pirate Ship Bed ~ Posh Tots

What little pirate wouldn’t enjoy falling asleep in this pirate ship?

Just keep dreaming!

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  1. I really want to buy that swan bed, where can i get it from? if not that eaxct one then something similar but has to be a swan

    1. I attempted to find the original source for the bed, and am sorry to say, I was unable to find it. I imagine it was custom made for the individual. Good luck on your search and thanks for stopping by

      Thanks, Chloe

    1. This was sold by kidsfurniture4u in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, I don’t think they are in business any longer. Perhaps you could find a carpenter or contractor who could build one for you!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. Hi Chloe

    Love the pirate bed! I’ve a 9 year old pirate myself and he would love the bed. Can you please tell me if you have one or direct me to where I could get one.

    Thanks, Appreciate it.

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