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Transitioning My Home from Summer to Fall

Decorating from summer to fall

Do you struggle this time of year with when to go all in with fall decorating? Do you wonder if there is one special day when you can just go ahead and put away all of the summer decor and bring out all of the fall stuff? There is no magic date that makes it “okay”. You can do it whenever you want to. I like to kind of slip into fall decor a little at a time.

Here in Florida we don’t get the cooler temperatures or the pretty fall colors so we are sometimes crazy wild about decorating just to get those “fall feels”.

Do you get what I mean? Do you love those “fall feels”? You know, the plaid throws, the warm colors, pumpkin scents? An apple scented candle tucked on a tiered tray is one of those “fall feels” for me.

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Start with your coffee table for a fall feel

The temperatures here in Florida are still quite summer-like, so I am simply tip-toeing toward Fall decor at home, trying to find something that is between late Summer and early Fall!  I have begun in the most lived in room in the house, our family room.  I switched out the summertime vignette of seashells and coastal accessories with wheat and sunflowers.

A coffee table vignette for fall
Sunflowers and wheat are both ready for harvest and ready to display for fall

Tiny white pumpkins are the perfect accent to add to my coffee table.  I tucked a few fall leaves into the bottom of a jar and filled it with the little white pumpkins.

Fill a jar with tiny white pumpkins and a few fall leaves for quick and easy fall decor

Sunflowers are the perfect end of summer/beginning of fall flowers, blooming in the fields right now, and their yellow and brown colors are a hint of the fall colors to come.  

Coffee table vignette featuring sunflowers, wheat and tiny pumpkins

The next thing up is my fireplace, both the mantel and the firebox.  I have to keep the middle of the paneled wall above the mantel clear so the doors can be opened to expose the television.  I decided to go with two different arrangements on each end of the mantel.

Add blue to your fall colors for a different look this Fall

This rustic pottery candleholder was perfect for elevating an arrangement of fall hydrangea, sunflowers and some more of the little white pumpkins.  I wanted to incorporate some of the blues I use in my room in my fall decor.  This candleholder seemed a little lost, so tucking a round basket behind it was the perfect thing to make it stand out.

Setting the scene for Fall decor on the fireplace

The other end of the mantel got some of the same florals along with some wheat to coordinate with the vignette on the coffee table.  Next week I will be showing a tutorial on the standing wheat bunches for fall decor.

Decorate a fireplace for late summer with sunflowers

When we renovated our fireplace we opted for no more ugly electric fireplace (which we really don’t need here in Florida).  This gives me the chance to change up the decorations in the firebox.  This big dark vessel matches the candleholder on the mantel and I filled it to overflowing with sunflowers and hydrangeas in blues and yellows.

Fall decor for the family room

The family room is ready for welcoming fall, it will be on to the front porch in the next week or so.

In the kitchen I have replaced cheerful daisies with bouquets of fading summer hydrangea blooms and ivy tendrils.

I am ready for cozy fall dinners. Fall entertaining brings on a whole new menu than summer. It is time for heartier fare, hot soups and tables laden with fruits and vegetables of the harvest. With earlier sunsets, candles can dress our tables and add that warm glow. You can see more of this tablescape that I used for a Welcome Fall Tablescape. Have you started decorating for fall, or will you wait until September

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  1. Chloe, it surely is inspiring for me to do the same for my living room. I don’t use many faux flowers, but I see that I will need to buy more to make the pretty floral arrangements for the real ones are more expensive. I am growing miniature gourds in the garden and plan to paint some white to decorate. I would like to photograph them and share in this forum. Thank you for your great ideas and inspiration, makes my world more beautiful!

  2. Chloe, this is all so pretty! Your mantel is my favorite! I love the mix of blue and yellow flowers. The two colors are so striking together. It has been so much touring with you!

  3. Chloe, I adore that beautiful basket on your mantel! I loved seeing all of your charming fall accents. Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  4. I feel the same about this odd time of the year for decorating our homes. Too warm for fall decorating so the transition is a slow one.

    That said, you have done a beautiful job adding those subtle autumnal touches to your pretty home. Faux florals and pumpkins in neutral tones work perfectly this time of the year. I particularly enjoyed the floral arrangement on the mantle. Charming and lovely. It has been fun touring with you!

    Rosemary & Thyme

  5. Chloe,
    Sunflowers ARE fall, are they not? For those of us in warm climates, fall plants are hard to come by in August. So using faux ones is the way to go.

    Happy Fall,


  6. Lovely Chloe, your sunflower vignettes are perfect for your Florida fall home. I love love sunflowers for Aug-Sept, I have a few around my house too, they are such a happy flower!

  7. So pretty, Chloe! You definitely have a knack for floral arranging! Lovely! Your coffee table is awesome! Did someone make it, or did you buy it somewhere? I love it’s rustic-ness with your leather sofas. Perfect contrast to your pretty florals. Glad to hop with you!

  8. Chloe, I agree sunflowers and wheat are the perfect gifts of nature from fall. I love your addition of the navy. I often add aqua to my fall décor to coordinate with the colors in our home. I love baby boo’s (white pumpkins). I’ve got lots growing in my garden. Trying to hold off on harvesting them yet.

  9. Oh, Chloe, those floral arrangements on your mantel (especially that rustic pottery candle holder!) are just the perfect color combinations. You really have a knack for great design with florals and wreaths. The macro shot of your living room really shows off the punches of color with the blues against the naturals. I know it must be hard to feel it yet, but with air-controlled living and your decor, I could certainly feel the seasonal suggestions of fall in that room.

  10. Oh I just love the unexpected blue in your floral arrangments! I also love sunflowers and wheat for this time of year. Your standing whear bundles are really awesome too.

    Oh my, the living room is just so beautiful and cozy…those two sofas…SWOON!

    Thank you so much for joining our tour Chloe! Happy rest of summer and fall ahead!

    1. Thank you so very much Amber! I have always wanted a pair of chesterfield sofas and I am so happy I finally have them. Although our home is coastal, our family room is more “yacht club” than beachy! Thank you for all of your hard work putting together this great tour!

  11. I loved seeing all of your Fall accents. The pop of blue in your vignettes is nice and goes well with the sunflowers! I like to use faux flowers too… then I don’t have to worry about watering them!

  12. Hi Chloe, sunflowers are just my fave way to bring in Fall. I have to tell you, I’m crushing on those fabulous leather Chesterfield sofas! Love the geometric rug, too. You prove you can enjoy Fall no matter where in the US you live!

    1. Thank you so much Debra! I waited a lot of years for those sofas! The rug is actually a bound piece of carpet and if you look at it closely, it kind of looks like nautical knots, picked to coordinate with our goal of a vintage yacht club feel.

  13. Your touches of Fall are lovely Chloe…I am not quite ready for the change yet…though Fall is definitely on the way. I’m still a little slow on decorating…I run out of energy fast but you have inspired me to get busy. It. is raining on my side of our shared state right now and I am on the Lanai enjoying every drop.
    Have a great day my friend.

  14. I think apples make a great transition from summer to fall. Here in West Virginia, my friends are busy harvesting and canning hundreds of jars of their gardens’ bounty. Whew! (Hmm…I think antique canning jars will have to add to my decorations this year!) Then, another friend brings in enormous crates of apples from Pennsylvania and that sets apple drying, applesauce making, and cider pressing in motion. By this time, pumpkins are ready for harvesting, decorating, and baking.

    In mid-October, I set a wrought iron lantern on the middle of my front porch railing. I gather interesting sticks, leaves, sycamore tree bark (it sheds and falls on my lawn), and small pumpkins to create a pretty “railing-scape” on each side of the lantern. This is refreshed as needed and sticks around until December, when it’s replaced with gathered greens for Christmas. (I live in a very small house surrounded by forest, so I use fresh greenery, etc. when decorating – no need to store it.)

    I’ve used this apples to pumpkins and leaves theme for many years. Baskets, pewter, and wood items also lend an air or autumn.

    Love your creations, Chloe – they get me thinking about what I can do here, with what I have on hand.

    1. Thank you so much, Sandra for taking the time to leave me such a lovely comment! I am imagining how charming your home in the woods is! I have magnolia leaves to gather and plenty of that sycamore bark, but not a lot else from my neighborhood lot! Have a lovely fall!

  15. I enjoy your posts sooo much!!! When I lived in So Cal I pushed fall too but now that I live on an island in Washington state I do not look forward to winter with its extremely cold and short days. We do however have lovely and colorful autumns. Ya can’t have it all right!? Cheers to you!

    1. Thank you so much Connie, your comments are so sweet! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment. I do think you are right about those of us who don’t have those colorful autumns try and create it!

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