Tuesday Tips – Centerpieces

A centerpiece is defined as a decorative piece or display placed in the middle of a dining or serving table.  That is leaves it pretty wide open as to what you can use for centerpieces; and of course, what the occasion is would help guide your centerpiece choices.  The only rules I try to follow regarding centerpieces are to make sure the centerpiece does not block your view of people across the table, nor be to large as to crowd the table, and to not use flowers so fragrant that they compete with the food you are serving.

For a wedding or benefit where you need numbered tables, and have a nautical theme, this is a cute idea.
A simple bowl of seashells is this casual centerpiece.
These jars of colored buttons are a fun centerpiece idea.

I have seen books used at many weddings, with a different author being represented at each table.  I would like to see books used at a dinner party, with the titles carefully chosen; which could make them a great conversation starter.

One wine bottle for a dinner for two…many for a large dinner party.

Keep in mind what the occasion is that you need a centerpiece for, and try to tie the the event or theme to the centerpiece.  Above is a dinner party with wine bottles used to hold candles.  You would want to use this at a dinner when you are serving wine.  Below you see eggs in a bird’s nest for Easter, but would work for any spring party or luncheon.

An elegant Easter centerpiece in lieu of candy eggs. Bird’s nests with silver eggs in them.
I am a fan of using fresh fruits and vegetables in centerpieces, so wrapping them around these candles is quite appealing. 
Candy can be a fun centerpiece, especially if you have children at a table.
A lovely blue contemporary centerpiece idea, and very simple to create, just containers with water, a drop of food coloring and white floating candles.
Happy entertaining! ~ Chloe Crabtree

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