Tuesday Tips – I wish someone had taught me this…

wedding place settings

Look at the above table.  This is similar to place settings you might find at any wedding or banquet, or a dinner party.  When tables are full like this, do you know which bread plate is yours?

 How can this d help you?

lower case letter d

Or this b?


These two lowercase letters, the b and the d can help you out!  I wish someone had taught me this when I was little, or even wish I had known it when my children were little, so I could have taught them.  Better late than never!  Form your hands as shown here:


See the lowercase “b”?  That stands for bread, and you will find your bread plate on your left, the same side as the “b”.  See the lowercase “d”?  That stands for drink, which you will find on your right, the same side as the “d”!  I hope this helps you, or your children, or anyone else who needs a helpful reminder!

You can find this at this link party:  Party Time Linky   | Meandering Mondays   |  The Scoop |

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    1. Heather – I know, why didn’t someone teach this to us when we were little! I still check myself under the edge of the tablecloth sometimes!

    1. This is exactly what I thought when I learned. Unfortunately it was after my kids were grown! So many banquets and dinners and I didn’t want to use someone else’s bread plate! I still use this!

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