How to Wrap That Odd Shaped Gift

This is it, we are down to the wire with Christmas 2016.  Are you scratching your head trying to figure out how to wrap that odd shaped gift.  Are all of the Amazon boxes already use or won’t fit the gift?  I have the ideas for you!  Ideas for wrapping those odd shaped gifts

The ball dilemma…how will you wrap this soccer ball or a beach ball or a play ball or a basketball?  No worries, turn it into a snowman decoration beneath your tree.  Now, I admit it kind of looks like this frosty fellow lost his head, but I think it is a cute solution!

Clever way to wrap a soccer ball for a gift

Take your ball and wrap him in some batting like I did, (I happened to have some left over from a previous project) or use a white pillowcase, a white trash bag or even a towel.


Add some shapes cut out of felt, cardstock or construction paper.   You can glue them on or use double sided tape to stick them on.


dsc_0017smI added a $3 scarf from Target, which then becomes part of the gift.

Mr. Snowman is a clever way to wrap an odd shaped gift.

I found an old grey costume top hat and painted it black to complete my snowman.  There you have Mr. Snowman (well, at least his head).  You will likely remember who this fellow is from, but you can always add a tag should you need it.A cute way to gift books to a childWant to gift some books to a child?  Sometimes they think of books like they do clothes and just want to get on to the toys.  How about popping those books in the back of an inexpensive truck?  Gift some books in a toy truck for more "kid" appeal.Wrap up that truck with cellophane, tie with a bow and see what the reaction is!  Don’t forget to dispose of the cellophane properly and don’t let children play with it.  I will be adding some more creative ideas on how to wrap awkward shaped gifts, so stop back!


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  1. Oh wow! Amazing ideas. These presents look perfectly wrapped. Thanks for the ideas. Though I do love your other idea, the one that made my day. You know which one that was. Love them all!

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