Inspiration ~ A Paris Party!


The city of lights, the city of love, Paris has so many nicknames, but any way you look at it, Paris is a beautiful city that inspires so many of us.  I am awaiting the occasion to host a Paris – themed party, but until then, I have collected all kinds of ideas to inspire me!

 Although I love this red white and blue Paris themed party decor that was featured on Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas, I think if I were to host a Paris party it would have to be all pink and black, and I would just have to include some French Poodles in my themeing and decor.

What could be better than this creative floral display of a French Poodle?!  This one was created by Preston Bailey for a dog-adoption benefit.  This poodle is just beautiful, I wonder if I could recreate this?  White carnations and some leaves painted white and some styrofoam balls should work!

As I always say, you must start with a fabulous invitation when you are going to be throwing a fabulous party!  This is about as fabulous as I could find, don’t you agree?  This pop-up invitation was created by Jinky Kowalski for her Cloth Papercrafts and More.  This is one incredible invitation, you just know if you receive this invitation, that the party is going to be an event to look forward to.

Pink and black satin, crystal and feathers, all make this tablescape and sweets table a pink Paris delight.

For this party, a girl’s gourmet dinner, designed and hosted by Darling Darleen, the decor was elegant, but I would certainly like to use the parasols too!

Something as simple as nestling an Eiffel Tower amongst your food, gives your presentation a French flair.

How cute and easy is this backdrop to give your party that Parisian feel?  A patisserie is such a French concept, isn’t it?

Pink Macaroons for a pink paris party

Of course, you can’t have a Paris Party without macarons!  I haven’t tackled the recipes for macarons yet, but I am going to try them.  My daughter in law loves them and I would love to be able to make them for her.

paris, eiffel tower, glitter, pink, green glitter

At one time these adorable glittery Eiffel Towers were available on Etsy.  They are no longer available, however, I believe I could tackle this craft to up the glitz factor to my Paris Party.  Hmm, what other things could I glitter up?

Eiffel tower wedding cake.This Eiffel Tower cake was for a wedding, but it is so beautiful, I wanted to include it here.  Paris pink poodle party cake

This pink and black and white Paris cake, includes the little pink poodle!

pink poodle stuffed animal, pink poodle party

If you are holding your Paris Party for little girls, how about these adorable pink poodle purses for them to fill up with treats for their favors?   There are so many fun party ideas for little girls, such as creating a pin the flag on the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Have fun planning your Paris Party, and look forward to me hosting one in the coming months!

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