Inspiration ~ A Nerf gun party!

I haven’t had a “little” boy for many years now, but I am learning that it isn’t just “little” boys who love Nerf gun battles; in fact, it isn’t just boys!  I understand that Nerf gun battles are all the rage among all ages, so why not plan a party around the battle and turn it into all out fun?

Source: Jac O’Lynn Murphy

Start out with a fun invitation like this one!  What a fun way to get people excited about your party!  I really like how they added a Nerf dart to the invitation.

Nerf Party, Party backdrop

What wonderful decor with the darts stuck on the window and the little targets on the bunting!  I love Laine Studios’ Nerf party for her little boy!  Check out all the adorable ideas she used!

Nerf gun party

How about these target cupcakes for a Nerf party?  Not sure I like the guns in the hands of the little fellow on the yellow cupcake, but the targets are perfect.

Add some fun games like this one, with prizes from the dollar store in addition to the all out Nerf battle!

Nerf gun party food

Baby carrots for snacks look just like Nerf gun darts.  Make cute labels for them and watch them get eaten up!

Nerf gun party, nerf party foods

Michelle Paige did an incredible job with cute labels on her food, like these bubble gum balls.

Michelle made the pizza like a target, and named it Target Pizza!  She really kept the concept going, even with the food.

Nerf gun battle

This dad created a great battle zone for a Nerf gun party!  Get some cardboard boxes and put them all over the yard.  Add a little spray paint and you have an awesome Nerf battle zone.

Nerf party, Nerf gun battle

Get a cute little container like this in orange to match the Nerf ‘bullets’ and fill it with orange goodies!  Have a fun Nerf party!  I have a boy in mind that I think  might enjoy a party like this…

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