10 Amazing Ways to Display Flowers

I love fresh flowers, who doesn’t?  Just flipping through Instagram and the internet there are so many fantastic ways to use flowers, I was inspired to share them today.  

Tumbling roses floral display
Source: Ceremony Magazine

1.  Hanging Rose Arrangement

This is an incredible use of roses, this huge arrangement suspended above a table with all the single blooms hanging down from ribbons.  The arrangement tucked into the corner of the gilt picture frame even give a bit of a Marie Antoinette feel.  As beautiful as this is, I don’t think we will be doing this in the cafe.

Source: Once Wed

2.  A simple sprig

From such a colorful and abundant display, I found this simple jar with just a sprig of baby’s breath to be just as lovely in its own way.

Birdcage with florals
Source: Maven Bride

3.  Cage it

I happen to have a collection of pretty birdcages and think this is a lovely way to soften them by filling them with delicate blooms.

Garland of flowers
Source: La Mariee Aux Pieds Nus

4.  Make a garland

How lovely this garland of flat eucalyptus, rosebuds and sedum is.  A garland such as this would be lovely, down the center of a table or draped on a railing.

Source: Project Wedding

5.  Float them

Do you have a pool, pond or fountain at the location you are using for an event?  Float some blossoms on it for a lovely look.

Flowers on a Cake
Source: Katie Brown Home Workshop

6.  Put them on a cake

Flowers on a cake are not just for wedding cakes, look at this beautiful chocolate cake and how the pink roses on it make it look so much more special.

Source: Preston Bailey

7.  Make them into a poodle!

I know, who really needs a floral dog?  I just was really impressed with this sculpture, so I wanted to include it!

Pink and blue Macarons
Source: Bella Cupcakes

8.  Cloche them

Delicate little flowers tucked into a teacup and then put protectively under a crystal cloche make them seem more beautiful, like precious jewels that should not be touched.

Stacked bowls of blooms

9.  Stack them

Similar to tucking them under a crystal cloche, these glass spheres where each filled with lovely blooms and then stacked one on top of another.  If you don’t have floral arranging skills, this is a lovely way to create a centerpiece.

Floral spheres
Source: Rock My Wedding

10.  Make them into a ball

I love spheres of flowers like these.  They are simple to make and so impressive even if they are just rested on a table like this.

Whatever the occasion or event, flowers make it seem much more special.

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  1. I love flowers on top of a cake and those hanging roses are amazing, but that would be a lot of work and as you said not very practical. I think the spheres and the simple sprig of baby’s breath are my favorites! Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

  2. Chloe,
    Although all were clever and intriguing. . .
    I vote for the roses within the birdcage, dear friend!!!
    For a Bridal Tea. . .I l o v e the tea cup beneath the cloche!!!
    Thank you for sharing this lovely sources!!!
    Enjoy your event!!!

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