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A Boho Bridal Shower in New York City

A Boho Bridal Shower in New York City


I have shared so much about my daughter and granddaughters lately, but I have a son and daughter in law, too!  They live in my favorite city in the whole world, New York!   I am lucky to get to visit them often and spend a little time in the city throughout the year.   A couple of years ago I was fortunate to be part of hosting a bridal shower for my beautiful daughter in law in the city.  If you are looking for ideas for a boho party or luncheon, keep scrolling!  


Clear bottles of various shapes and sizes were set down the center of the table with individual blooms or clusters of baby’s breath tucked into each one.  I carried 28 of these bottles to New York City in my suitcase and evidently TSA thought they might be something dangerous, since they inspected the suitcase.  I am happy to report that not one bottle broke!  Maman set the table with vintage mismatched dishes, glasses and silverware.  They created a printed menu celebrating the bride-to-be.
boho-bridal-shower-menu Maman serves savory and sweet  family-style recipes inspired by the South of France and American favorites.  The food was delicious and enjoyed by everyone!  We began with Mimosas and Bellinis to toast the bride.  With everyone gathered around the table, large bowls of salads were served family style.  A hot and fluffy ham and cheese quiche was served followed by roast chicken and roasted vegetables.  Just so we were sure no one left hungry, desserts included lemon and thyme madelines, raspberry financiers and the especially coveted homemade Oreos.  Truth be told, we had to request more of the Oreos from the kitchen!

boho-bridal-shower-globe-string-lights Maman’s staff set up the back room with one long table to accommodate everyone together and we arranged oversized balloons with tissue paper tassels behind the bride’s chair.


Even the buffet stacked full of odds and ends of dishes fit our theme so well.

boho-bridal-shower-table-5My daughter in law had been to  Maman before – a quirky yet charming bakery/cafe.  I initially thought this was going to be a French garden-themed bridal shower, I had begun researching ideas based on that theme – you can see my initial ideas for the flowers here.  After checking out the website for Maman, I could see that a Boho/Bohemian themed party would suit the space so much better.



Mimosas and Bellinis were served from a side table decorated with more little bottles of blooms and a birdcage filled with flowers.


The bride was especially a fan of the oversized balloons with the tissue paper tassels.  Lots of pictures were shared through Instagram of this special occasion.



Tucked under the menu cards at the place settings were cards for each guest to offer advice for the bride-to-be.  These flower be-decked cards coordinated with the invitations the guests had received.


Each guest was invited to take a favor of different flavored macarons with them to remember this special day.  Maman uses rabbits throughout as part of their theme, and this little rabbit graced the side table full of pink miniature carnations.  If you need to host a party in New York City, I can highly recommend Maman.  Or, if you just are looking for a quiet spot for a great lunch or a bakery treat, check it out.



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  1. Your tablescape caught my eye on BNOTP link party – as much for the glimpse of exposed brick setting as for the length of table and place settings. Very nice – all of it! Lucky you to travel and not have one bottle broken! I just returned from FL and carried on my treasures found while antiquing, not trusting baggage handlers or TSA. However, I did stuff a vintage needlework pillow into my bag and thought, “I dare them” to open it and manage to get it shut again.
    Congrats on your planning and execution of this event for your future dil. That had to be a bit stressful – the travel, the event, new people – nothing a little mimosa couldn’t help, right??
    Rita C at Panoply

    1. Thank you so much Rita! It was a challenge, but I am very happy with how it turned out! The bottles are still packed and heading to my house in Florida after a stop at our condo in Ohio! Fingers crossed they continue to travel safely!

  2. Oh my goodness this is stunning! Chloe this venue is beautiful and your planning from afar was spot on. These photos are magazine worthy and your hand should be sore from patting yourself on the back. Kudos my friend!!

  3. I love the boho theme and those oversized balloons with the tassels are awesome! Great idea to have little cards with words of advice for guests to fill out. That will be such a fun keepsake for your future daughter-in-law who is adorable by the way. The macarons are a nice little favor for your guests as well. I love how this isn’t over the top, but very thought out and filled with special details. Great job, especially for having the venue out of town!

  4. This is GORGEOUS! Just the style I love, simple but elegant and somehow comfortable too. Smiling at you filling a suitcase with the bottles. I am glad they all arrived in one piece. I am drooling over the collection of blue and white dishes. Sigh… I want to fill my cupboards with them. I can’t imagine trying to do this long distance. What a wonderful thing to do for your future daughter-in-law. I am sure she will always remember it.

  5. This was definitely a very unique and fun looking bridal dinner/shower.
    Loved the pretty dishes and the cute glass bottles with flowers, all so
    pretty. Bet the bride to be loved it all………………..the menu sounds
    awesome as well. Many cute ideas here too.
    Blessings, Nellie

  6. I am blown away by your creativity matched only by your undaunted spirit with putting together a shower in NYC. Loved the theme and all the trimmings. Bravo!!!

  7. Oh my goodness what a beautiful party! The patterned plates are divine. Where is your daughter in laws dress from? Its gorgeous!!

  8. I love it all! I love the mismatched chairs, the exposed brick, the neutral color palate, and the simple sprays of baby’s breath.

    Job well done!

  9. Oh how lovely!

    I just posted about my daughter’s bridal shower, too! She had it in a brewery – so I love you also love unique venues! What a pretty day and beautiful future DIL!!! : – )

    I wish the couple the best! ♥♥♥

  10. Chloe,
    What a gorgeous place for a bridal shower. It looks like it was a wonderful time, and I have to agree with the bride~Those big balloons with the tissue paper tassels are awesome! Love them! Thanks so much for linking up your fun adventure to Celebrate It!

  11. That is the perfect location!! All the little details and the table setting made for a gorgeous shower! You have a very lucky daughter-in-law!!

  12. For me, o thing beats flowers in a variety of bottles on a table. Not only are they attractive, they are easier arrange than a more static arrangement.

  13. If you haven’t submitted this to a magazine please do, it’s gorgeous. The vibe you created with this is laid back and chic at the same time.I’ve been to New York several times and it is an amazing place to visit.

      1. Hi Chloe,

        I am planning a baby shower and was wondering if you played games or just enjoyed each other’s company.

        Thank you

  14. Chloe,
    I love your venue decor! I am currently looking for a venue for my daughter’s wedding shower in NYC and would love to know the Maman location you used. There are so many and I would love to find that specific one because I love that room! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Julie! It was a few years ago now, but I am pretty sure it was the location at 239 Centre Street. If not, it was the Tribeca location. It was a wonderful space for the shower!

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