10 Things to do now to get ready for Christmas Next Year

Yes!  10 things to do now.  Did you think you were ready to move on from Christmas and be finished with thinking about it until next November or so?  I was so very impressed with this post over at Stonegable that I asked Yvonne if she would mind if I shared it here at Celebrate and Decorate.  She gladly agreed, and I will share a little bit of it today, but please head over to Stonegable and read all the details and pay her a visit.

10-THINGS-TO-DO-NOW-TO-GET-READY-FOR-CHRISTMAS-NEXT-YEAR-yes-really-stonegableblog.com_-819x10241.  CHOOSE A COLOR THEME FOR NEXT YEAR – I am not sure I can do this myself, can you?  What wonderful thing might I find that may inspire me in my decorating plans next year.  I want to try and find that special thing now (at after Christmas sales), so I can start my planning and collecting now!

2.  BUY 3 DESIGNS OF WRAPPING PAPER…TOPS! – I usually only buy one or two, so this one isn’t a problem for me.  I haven’t wrapped all in kraft paper for a few years, maybe that is what I will do next year.

3.  COLLECT BOXES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES – This is pretty self-explanatory and a great idea, don’t you agree?  Not only will you be able to have the perfect box for each gift, but it also makes for a pretty display under your tree!

4.  BUY REAL RIBBON – Yvonne has this one right!  Real fabric ribbon can be re-used and re-used and re-used!  Good for the budget, and good for the environment.

5.  DESIGNATE A PLACE FOR NEXT YEAR’S GIFTS – Are you guilty of this one?  I must admit that more than once I have found a gift hidden away AFTER Christmas that was meant to be given away.  Thanks for this one Yvonne, I will do this for sure!

6.  BUY CHRISTMAS THEMED GIFTS AND HOME DECOR RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS FOR NEXT YEAR – I hope it isn’t too late!  Get out there and get shopping, I have seen things as much as 70% off this week!

7.  THROW AWAY OR UPCYCLE TIRED OR WORN OUT DECOR – I know for a lot of us this is a very difficult task, but we really must assess things with a critical eye and realize when it is time to move along and say goodbye to some of those things.

8.  PUT AWAY ALL CHRISTMAS DECOR WITH NEXT YEAR IN MIND – What do you decorate first?  Outside?  Your tree?  put things away in the order you will want to get them out.

9.  START YOUR CHRISTMAS DIY PROJECTS NOW AND WORK ON THEM ALL YEAR – Yvonne has me thinking about this and what I may want to start working on now while the weather is so cold outside.  Once Halloween is on the horizon, I am usually too busy to even begin any new craft and DIY projects.

10.  MAKE A LIST AND CHECK IT TWICE – Be like Santa Claus and make those lists!  Check things off as you either accumulate or finish making them over the year.

I am using a lot of these ideas myself.  Now, head on over to Stonegable!  Click on that link and tell Yvonne I sent you!  I offered up my thoughts on her tips here, now head over to the expert and she has to say about all of these tips!

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