13 Unique Invitations

I love receiving unique invitations.  It almost doesn’t matter what the event is, be it a wedding, a dinner party or just lunch with friends.  Home entertaining in particular seems to be a dying “thing”.  I LOVE entertaining at home and when I finally get this new place put together a little more I am going to speed into major home entertaining!  When I am the hostess it is so much fun to get creative with my invitations so that as soon as the invitation is delivered, my guests know the theme or general idea of what to expect.  Here are 13 unique invitations that would get your guests excited about responding “YES” to attend!

A-Night-Safari-Party-Invitation-1024x681 (2)

When guests received this travel poster style invitation in a mailing tube, they knew a fun night was going to be had by all!

Unique Save the Date Invitation Fan

These beautiful fans announce the ‘Save the Date’ for a posh wedding.  Ceci New York creates amazing invitations, if only my budget could afford them for all of my parties.

Lego Invitation

Perfect for a child’s Lego themed party…and afterwards the party guest adds a few fun Legos to their own collection.


How fun to receive a terracotta planter with a pot of kitchen herbs along with an invitation printed on a kitchen towel.

Circus Tent Invitations

It doesn’t matter if the party is for children or adults, everyone loves a cute invitation.  These little circus tents open up to expose the invitation inside.

Time For A Party Unique Scroll Invitation

These creative invitations with their watch and clock theme would be perfect for a retirement party or a New Year’s Eve party.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.32.54 AM

How fun is this Mason jar invitation?  Over at Zazzle.com you can order jars with whatever you want printed on them.  This invitation lets you know this is going to be a country themed affair.


This was such a fun invitation to send out to guests.  Check out the rest of the photos when the scroll is unrolled at my Alice in Wonderland Invitation post. 


How much fun would it be to receive an invitation with a printed balloon?  Once again, this is a Save the Date, but this would be perfect for a birthday party, wouldn’t it?


Why are the cutest invitations I found all Save the Dates?  These would be cute for most any kind of party.  I love the ‘pencil us in’ name along with the pencil.


Check out these cute little Very Hungry Caterpillar party invitations.  Pottery Barn gives you all of the details on how to assemble these cute little invitations.


These beautiful invitations were inspired by vintage millinery.  Delivered in a pretty little hat box, I would love to receive such a lovely invitation.


How much fun would this invitation be?  An invitation to a barbecue with a jar of barbecue sauce to get you started!

Can you imagine receiving any of these invitations in your mailbox or hand delivered to you?  Can you see how a unique invitation makes all the difference in how you would approach the event you are invited to?  It makes an event seem so much more special than a simple paper invitation, doesn’t it?

I’ll be sharing this at the following link party:  It’s A Party  |



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  1. I agree, entertaining is a dying thing. I still entertain and pull out all the stops for my guests. I wish people would step up again and try it. Lovely invitations by the way.

  2. At home parties used to be the thing I hope they make a comeback. We use to hold large gatherings for every holiday when the kids were younger. We loved it but it wore us out! At home entertaining for us is much more scaled back and for now that’s ok. I love the terracotta pot and the box with the barbecue sauce. So often it seems that invitations don’t receive the credit they deserve for setting the tone of the party.

  3. I love the balloon and circus tent invitations and I remember your travel invite which I love. Sadly most people use email instead of sending actual invitations anymore. I miss a good old fashioned paper invitation!

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