Clock/Time Themed Party Invitation

The Anatomy of a Party – “Time for a Party,” Part II: Invitations

This is the second in a series of posts on “how to” for planning a party.  These are the unique invitations I used for this party, invitations that would be perfect for  a New Year’s party or for a Retirement party.

Creative Invitation perfect for a New Year's Eve PartyThis is the second in a series of posts outlining the planning and implementing of a cocktail party, the first post can be found here.

The watch/clock theme was selected, and I had to figure out how to incorporate that into a unique invitation.  The wording for the invitation was no problem, it simply became:

“It’s time to have a party”

…the rest of the invitation details followed.

I printed the invitations in a dark brown ink on a light brown card stock, two invitations per 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.  The font I used is Chocolate Box.  The sheets were cut apart, and each invitation was carefully rolled as not to crease the card stock, and was tied with a narrow brown ribbon.

Retirement Party InvitationTime to decide how to embellish my invitations.  I used a watch image from The Graphics Fairy and printed it out on sheets of  Shrinky Dinks Rough and ReadyPrintable.   I went to work printing.

A counter full of watches…

Clock themed unique invitationsHere are my Shrinky Dinks images sitting out on the counter to make sure they are completely dry before each one is carefully cut out by hand.

Shrinky dink watchesHere you can see the Shrinky Dink images after I cut out each one by hand and then punched a hole in each one.  Into the oven they went at 275 degrees for about 4 minutes each.

Shrinky dink Watches for invitations…and this is what you get!  Each little watch was then tied to the brown ribbon on the invitations.  Each invitation was put in a box on a small nest of shred.

Time For A Party Unique Scroll InvitationEach box was sealed with another clock-image sticker that I created on Zazzle.

Creative invitation in a boxI would have customized the mailing labels and postage if this were a personal party, however, being a business-related event, addressing and postage are being handled by my husband’s office.  Wouldn’t any invitee be impressed if they received one of these unique invitations in their mailbox?

Now the invitations will go in the mail, and I hope our guests are excited when they arrive in their mailbox!
Now, on to decor and menu planning!
Stay tuned for Part III

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  1. I love your ideas! I was wondering what size is the watch graphic that you printed on the shrinky dink sheets?
    I’ve designed my own “Save The Date” tea towels with the theme “It’s About Time”, my fiancé and I have been together for 10 years and of course everyone keeps asking,” isn’t it about time….” So I figured it was perfect!
    I was also wondering where you got the boxes you mailed your invites in.
    Thanks for all the fabulous ideas!

    1. Elissa, I just measured one of the watches I used, it was 1 3/4 inches – then shrunk. I bought the boxes at my local UPS store. I am so happy for you, this theme does sound perfect for you! Best Wishes, and Happy New Year!

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