18 Carrot Treats, Crafts and Centerpieces

This is the time of year to bring out all of those carrot-themed ideas today I lined up 18 creative Easter treats, crafts and centerpieces.  You know, the Easter bunny will be making his rounds, and we all know how rabbits like carrots.  I kind of find it funny since, carrots are not ready in the garden in spring, but we all seem to want to include carrots in our Easter tablescapes and crafts.


I keep discovering new ideas that are just so darn creative.  Make sure you click on the links in the captions to get all the details on these great idea from these creative ladies!  Let’s get started, shall we?

Source: 1 Fine Cookie

There are so many adorable carrot cupcakes, but these are some of the cutest I have seen!

Source: Alicia Hutchinson

This beautiful vase was for for a Peter Rabbit-themed First birthday, but wouldn’t it be lovely for displaying through the Easter holiday?   Carrots with their full tops and a bunch of daisies make this so easy and so beautiful.

Source: Carolyn’s Homework

How fun are these little DIY carrots?  These would be a lovely addition to your Easter decorations and add a nice pop of color.

Source: Wilton

Wilton shows you how to make these cute little carrot cookies that stand up all on their own.  These would be delicious and would add some cute decor to your holiday table.

Source: The Partiologist
Source: The Partiologist

I am no expert at cake pops, that is for sure, but the Partiologist sure is, isn’t she?

Source: Crafts by Courtney

Here is a fun and cute little craft to create with your wee ones!  Gather a bunch of these little spool and washi tape carrots on your sideboard or tuck them into a basket.

Source: BHG

This one is certainly beyond my talents, but I might be able to talk my sister into making one for me!

Carrot Juice
Source: Jac o’lyn Murphy

I don’t think this is really carrot juice, more likely some sweet orange soda.  What a cute way to offer and display these orange drinks.

Crescent Roll Carrots, Easter recipe, recipes, cream horn forms, egg salad, ham salad, dill, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, dough
Source: Hungry Happenings

Once again, egg salad is not my favorite, but I would love to have some chicken or tuna salad offered up in these cute little carrot crescent rolls.

Source: Brittany Estes

This mesh carrot door decor is particularly pretty with the feathery greens added to the top.

Frugal Coupon Living
Source:  Frugal Coupon Living

Rice krispie treats, some of my favorites to create with make cute little carrot treats.

Source: Southern Living

Southern Living offers a step by step tutorial for this beautiful centerpiece.  Carrots, brussel sprouts and radishes mixed with flowers are just stunning.

Source: Yummy Healthy Easy

It is always great to offer up some savory and not sweet holiday foods, this is beautiful and yummy!

Source: One Krieger Chick

Wouldn’t grandma and grandpa be tickled with these little cones filled with Easter treats?

easter carrot treats full
Source: Uncommon Designs

Lots of folks have their own take on these cracker/carrot treats, but this one takes the cake with the beautiful way they are displayed in a clear bowl with brown shred.  I bet the kids would love to “unearth” one of these carrots.

Source: Fiskars

This fun garland is easy to make and adds some decor to your home for the holiday.

Source: Hostess With the Mostess

This is another take on carrot shaped cupcakes, another yummy and cute treat.

Source: Homemaking Hacks

You can start out with a box mix to create these cute little cupcakes topped with candy carrots fashioned from circus peanut carrots.  I’ll be trying some of my own carrot creations this coming week.  I will be sharing them as soon as I can, Easter will be upon us in less than a week!  I better hurry up!  I would love to see your carrot-themed Easter crafts, sweets or other creations!

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  1. Thanks for the great ideals, I just had to share them and hope to make a couple of them for the table, love the centerpieces. Thank You So Much.

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