A Cookie Decorating Valentine’s Party!

I wanted to do something fun for a Valentine’s day party this year. I wanted some kind of a fun activity and decided upon decorating cookies! This was all about the social aspect, not about the artistry! This is the perfect activity for a “Galentine’s” gathering this year!

Preparing for the Party

As a rule, I love to come up with a creative invitation for any party I am hosting. This time, I just didn’t have it in me, so the invites were simple phone calls. This was a small gathering of only five guests because I wanted to be able to set everyone at the island in my kitchen.

Of course cookies had to be baked ahead of time because they have to be room temperature before you you can ice them. I prepared Valentine’s paper plates loaded up with 18 cookies ready to be decorated for each of my guests. I used a long treasured family recipe. This isn’t really a sugar cookie, nor is it a shortbread cookie. The recipe card from long ago is simply titled, Plain Cookies. You can find the recipe for these delicious cookies here.

At each place setting along my island I set out a cookie kit, a plate full of the fresh baked cookies, table knives for spreading the frosting and containers of all kinds of sanding sugar and other decorations for the cookies and cans of store bought cake frosting. The easiest way to protect the the island surface was to unroll a piece of vinyl drawer liner. An easy alternative is parchment paper if you have that on hand.

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For any party, you must decorate! I wanted to have the kitchen all decked out for Valentine’s!

I was so happy with the floral Valentine’s heart wreath I made for my front door, that I made a second one for above my cooktop. I added some pink artificial blooms on the ends of the shelf.

This beautiful white tree was decorated for Valentine’s with pink ostrich plumes.

In keeping with my Valentine’s theme, I prepared Rossini cocktails, with strawberry puree, Prosecco and simple syrup. I garnished them with strawberries cut like little hearts on fresh rosemary skewers.

Decorating those cookies!

You can see that we were having fun decorating our cookies!

Some people were concentrating very hard! I know you can make much prettier cookies with royal icing but these cookies taste SO very good with good old cake frosting! It softens up the cookies to a perfect chewy texture!

I made sure in addition to sanding sugars and knives for spreading frosting I had several decorating bags of different color icings with different decorating tips on them. Everyone got so creative!

It was so much fun to see how everyone chose to decorate their cookies!

Look how beautiful, and delicious these cookies look with their colorful sprinkles!

I loved that everyone got to take home a tray of cookies to share with their own family and friends!

I have seen Valentine’s day cookies in different shapes, but I just made a variety of heart cookies.

What is more sweet than a tray of Valentine cookies? This is such a simple idea and so much fun!


I wanted to make sure that no one ruined their clothes with any of the icing, so I provided aprons, which added to the fun of the party! The heart ones can be found here. An assortment of fun ones can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my Valentine’s day cookie decorating party! Consider baking up some batches of cookies and inviting some friends over during this season of love!

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  1. Chloe, such a fun party. I love that your provided them with cute heart aprons. The cookie designs are fabulous. Looks like a great time was had for all. I am featuring your sweet post at Love Your Creativity.

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