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A Life in Celebration

A Life in Celebration

Celebrating this week is all about Christmas.  This will be a busy week in some ways, and in others, it will be a chance to sit down and relax.  The baking is done, the decorating is finished, it is time to enjoy.  I hope you enjoy your holiday and opportunities to gather with family and friends! 

1.  I picked up some live poinsettias at the grocery store this week along with all of the food needed through the holiday.  I REALLY don’t like dealing with the grocery store when the aisles are packed with people, how about you? 

2.  I finished up some paper mache bowls and sent the video off to Hometalk.  If you would like to see me make them LIVE along with me, tune into Hometalk TV  on Monday, the 23rd at 7:00 PM ET.  If you just want to see how I did it, you can check out my how to make Paper Mache Bowls.  
3.  I shared my holiday home tour (finally!) this week. 
4. I made a fresh arrangement for our Christmas dinner table.  If you want easy directions for how to make one for yourself, you can see that here.  
5.  We enjoyed a casual holiday dinner with friends last night and look forward to picking up our son from the airport this evening!  

Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home has me wishing I had an old column hanging around to turn into a peppermint stick!  It is always fun to visit her lovely home! 





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  1. Merry Christmas Chloe, sounds like you are ready, enjoy!! I will definitely check out your paper mache bowls, I’ve always wanted to try that!

  2. Merry Christmas Chloe! I watched you on IG making those delicious cookie!

    Enjoy the season!

      1. My kids went to Allen way before it was torn down. My oldest went to Center and my youngest went to Albion.

        I’m going to DM you on Instagram. It’s such a small world!

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