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A Life in Celebration

A Life in Celebration

I live a life in celebration of all good things.  I believe in being kind and helping others when I can.  Take time to celebrate everyday events and extraordinary occasions! 

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Mom and Dad:

Have I told you about my dear mom and dad?  I celebrate having both of my parents  living right in the backyard!  I like to joke that I bought one of those little sheds out in front of the Home Depot and that is where they live.  That is far from the truth, though!  In our sweet little community of Celebration, many of the homes, ours included, have apartments built over the garages.  My mom and dad have a nice one bedroom apartment just feet away from the main house.  It would be better if they were in a first floor apartment, but we do have a lift chair to aid them in getting up and down.

My dad used to help me with so many of my projects, particularly when  it came to power tools.  He still loves to get involved, but macular degeneration has taken most of his eyesight.  That has not stopped him from helping out.  I love this photo of his hands helping with my Christmas Ornament Topiary.  


Recently, my dad wanted to help out. The Smart car needed windshield washer fluid.  To access the wiper fluid, you need to take this panel off the front of the car.  Bless dad’s heart, he got that off and added the fluid.  Then he tried the wipers just to make sure it was full and working.  UH OH!  No spray!  He immediately realized what he had done…he had put the windshield washer fluid into the oil.   The car was towed to a  mechanic, the oil and wiper fluid was drained, flushed and we have a fresh oil change! 

I love…

You know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  If dad wasn’t right out back, we couldn’t help each other out, give each other a hug everyday and check in on and look after one another.  Do you live close to family?  Stop by on Tuesday for a celebration of Valentine’s Tablescapes!!  


A Grazing Board:

If you haven’t decided what to serve for watching the big game, check out my VERY QUICK and VERY EASY snack grazing board! 

If you want to step into a Hallmark movie, you want to visit White Arrows Home!  Kristin is one of my favorite bloggers, despite our divergent styles, I swoon over every photo!  

Around the Internet:

Are you decorating for Valentine’s Day?  You could hip up this sweet little garland while watching the game!  Head on over to Bluesky at Home for the easy tutorial!Julie from My Wee Abode has shared the sweetest Valentine Watercolor printables!  

Be Fabulous!

Go out there and be FABULOUS this week, like I know YOU are!  

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Chloe is the creator of Celebrate & Decorate. Chloe is passionate about having a comfortable and well designed home - she also loves to entertain family and friends. Learn more about Chloe. Follow Chloe: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube


  1. What a lovely post, even with the car situation ( wink). You are very fortunate to have your parents close by. We offered to build a granny house for my Mum in our unfinished basement. But she just giggled and reminded us how much she enjoys her 2 acres in Oregon. She will come to visit us here in Utah in August for our oldest granddaughters 21st birthday. She’ll stay 4-6 weeks. As you can imagine, we are looking forward to her visit. My Father passed away on my 49th birthday. I’m 59 now.

    1. Oh, Katherine, I am sorry you lost your father so young. How wonderful your Mum can still live on her own…and on 2 acres! I know you will enjoy time spent with her during her visit! It’s nice she will come for such a long visit!

  2. Chloe, you are fabulous. How blessed you are to still have your parents. Mine have been gone for many years and I still miss them. Thanks for sharing my pom~pom and heart garland. You’ll see it again!! Looking forward to our Valentine tablescape blog hop.

    1. Thanks so much Carol. I know, despite the “UH OH” moments, I am glad to have mom and dad both so nearby!

  3. You are so blessed to have your parents with you and this is a lovely tribute to them.

  4. Love this post. My dad would of loved to help me with my projects. He was so crafty. But I get the perfect smile on my face thinking of him when I work on mine now.

    1. I am glad it gives you good memories. Even though my dad’s eyesight is almost gone, he just wants to be included in what is going on.

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