A Valentine Mailbox Decoration

A Valentine Mailbox Decoration

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Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is less than four weeks away?  If you like to add some Valentine decor to your mailbox, I have the perfect easy project for you today!  If you have seen how I have decorated my mailbox for holidays in the past, you will find this is a quicker and easier method. 

I used a Floracraft monument saddle for the base for this project.  The sides can easily be bent down around the sides of your mailbox. 

Here you can see how I began to bend them.  Here are the wires bent to fit around my mailbox.  Later I will use zip ties to attach this to the mailbox. 

Once the frame is on the mailbox, you can begin by adding greenery to the styrofoam.  

With stiff stems, you can stick them right into the foam to secure them.  I use my Steel Pix machine to attach steel picks to the ends of the pieces I want to add to my arrangement.  You can also use wood wired sticks to do the same thing.  

When the styrofoam is almost completely covered with greenery it is time begin adding flowers.  I love the look of the faux wisteria you can find, and used both pink and white for my mailbox decoration.  Add your flowers so that it looks like they are growing out of the base.  When you have added all of the flowers you want to add some Valentine’s love!  I picked up these two glittery styrofoam hearts at Dollar Tree.  I just used a wire bent in half to make a “U” shape and then used the wire to secure the heart decoration to arrangement. 

A few more hearts will add some more of the Valentine’s look!  I used small styrofoam hearts and cut a small dowel, stuck one end in the hearts and the other end into the top of my arrangement. 

As simple as that, your mailbox is decorated ready to receive Valentines!  Let me know if you are going to decorate your mailbox!

Supplies for this project:  

Silk wisteria
Monument Saddle
Zip ties

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  1. Wow I wish I could do that up near but the snow plow would make ruins of it! This turned out so cute! I bet your mailman and the neighbors get a kick out of your creations!

  2. Very pretty, feminine, and cheerful. So glad to see you used the cemetery saddle. Much easier on a mailbox.
    Does anybody stop at your house and ask to buy the ‘pretties’ you create ? Best dressed mailbox in the area !

    1. Ah, thanks Myrna. No, no one has ever stopped to ask if they can buy anything! But, you brought a smile to my face with that question this morning! Yes, the saddle is so much easier to dress up a mailbox!

  3. So I don’t mean to be a solid source bought that and if they are pretty… However you had my mail carrier you’ll be getting an earful I know I have some trailing pretty flower plants like to wrap around my mailbox yeah it’s almost like he’s saying you know if you don’t get this off your mails dead literally and I was told by the postal service today it’s an honor to get your mail not a responsibility from the carrier

  4. This is just beautiful!
    For my own, I would subtract the foam heart, and just leave it as a spring decoration.
    How lovely! And what a reminder that spring is in the near future! (hopefully!)

    this would be an excellent summer project-as mentioned prior, the snowplows would do a number on it!

    1. Thank you so much Christin! Great idea to pull off the hearts, and maybe add a few daffodils to make it really springy! Yes, I don’t have to worry about snow plows in Florida!

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