A Pair of Grapevine Hearts

A simple idea for my front door for Valentine’s day ended up being even simpler than I imagined. This sweet little decoration went together so quickly!

A pair of grapevine hearts were picked up curbside from Michael’s! I can tell you I am loving shopping online and picking up items without leaving my car!

Just six bunches of the inexpensive little bunches of red tulips are all that are needed for this project. (I over ordered and have lots of these to either return OR create something else for Valentine’s Day.)

Cut each little cluster of tulips off of the bunch of tulips, but leave at least a couple of inches of the wire stem to use to secure the blossoms to the wreath.

All you have to do now is add your tulips to your wreath! Stick the stems of the tulips into the grapevine wreath, making sure it is secure.

You want the tulips to go up from the middle of the heart and then flow around and down both sides to meet in the middle on the bottom. Don’t make the wreath too full so that the heart shape is still clear.

If you have trouble securing the tulips, you can always add some hot glue to secure them. I was able to secure all of mine without adding glue.

When your first heart is complete it is time to attach your second grapevine heart. Attach the second heart BEFORE you add the tulips to it.

Use two brown pipe cleaners to attach the two wreaths together in two different places. Now it is time to turn them over and finish the second heart.

Add the tulips to the second heart the same way you did the first and in no time, your double hearts are complete!

I have decided to hang my hearts on my front door, but they would be perfect displayed anyplace in my home. If you would like, you can make one large heart using the same method!

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  1. Your tulip wreaths are so pretty and perfect to usher in February and Valentine’s Day on your front door Chloe! I’ve been enjoying the convenience of curbside pick up too but miss seeing what’s in the stores. Happy to be hopping with your again. Happy Thursday ♥

  2. This is gorgeous Chloe! I’ve actually picked up a few bunches of the tulips to make an Easter wreath but love your Valentine’s Day version!

  3. Love the double heart wreath. It’s beautiful, and it looks like it would take less than an hour to make – wonderful project for those short on time.

    I agree about the curbside pickup, but it’s always such a treat to walk through the store 😉

    1. I was fortunate to get my first vaccine when I took my mom in for hers because they had a cancellation and can’t throw away the unused doses, so I will be back in the stores soon! I need to be in the stores for the inspiration! Thanks Rachelle!

  4. So cute Chloe and I love the 2 hearts, adorable!! I must try the curbside pick up at Michaels, I haven’t been to a craft store in almost a year, yikes!! But it has made me appreciative of my craft stash 🙂 Love the red tulips, so sweet!

  5. Chloe, gorgeous as always. Thank you for giving us so many beautiful user-friendly projects. Also love the curbside pick ups. Stay safe.

  6. What a lovely wreath, Chloe! It’s so dramatic with the double hearts! I’ve been doing curbside pick-up at Michaels, too. It’s very convenient, but I miss going inside. Pinned!

  7. very pretty and springy–something I am really craving here in Maine! The red against your white door is striking!

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