Valentine’s Tablescape in White

Welcome to the first tablescape hop of 2021! I am so happy to have all of these wonderful bloggers back to share their talents with you again this year!

Have you ever had an idea for something in your mind, like decor for a room, a theme for a party or in this case, for a tablescape…and then it just didn’t happen?

I just knew I wanted to have a dreamy all white tablescape for Valentine’s day. I dressed the table on my front porch with my favorite fluffy Ikea throw!

I added these fun punched metal candle trays as chargers. These are from Ikea, also, and I have used them time and again as chargers.

Then these antiqued chargers in white would be the base for my white dinner plates.

Wait…those aren’t white dinner plates are they? Guess what? Those white dinner plates didn’t cut it. They looked so bad, I didn’t even want to share the “not this” photo. So, without really adding a ‘color’, I went with gray.

But, my little white heart plates were perfect! This napkin treatment is one I have rarely used, but it seemed like just what was called for.

I wasn’t thrilled with my diy white heart which was actually two Dollar Tree pink glitter hearts painted white. But I was happy with my all white floral centerpiece.

The white napkins folded across the gray dinner plates gave enough white to my plate stack that I was happy with the overall look.

Delicate Bohemian crystal stemware complements my white table perfectly.

One of the things I have learned from styling a tablescape that doesn’t really turn out quite the way I envisioned it is that the next table is bound to be better!

No matter who you spend your Valentine’s with or how you spend it, set a pretty table for dinner that week and prepare a meal YOU love and enjoy it!

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  1. Chloe, I LOVE YOUR ALL WHITE table….so pretty and crisp and clean. I like your substitution of the grey dinner plate as it accents your lovely heart salad plates. I adore your Bohemian crystal stemware…so delicate and romantic. I hear you on our “visions” and “reality”, but that is what makes our tablescapes interesting.

    Since we both live in Florida…we get the added pleasure of dining outside. Many of our blogging friends are further north and they have snow and ice. Brrrrrrr.

    Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet friend.

  2. Chloe, I love the way your table turned out! The layering of chargers was amazing! And the surprise gray plate accented the delightful heart plates perfectly. You do texture so well. I keep learning from you! I really like your fluffy Ikea throw used as a tablecloth.
    Your table is so elegant and inviting.
    Thank you for sponsoring these hops. It is a fun group.

  3. Chloe, I love your white table! Your gray plates add the perfect contrast to your sweet heart plates, set on your wonderful Ikea throw (love the texture!) The gray really makes them pop. I adore your beautiful floral arrangement with your painted heart picks too. I constant.u have tables that just don’t work visually like they do in my head and have to scrap the tablecloth or centerpiece idea. Your white table is beautiful! Thanks so much for your organizing efforts. So happy to join you at the table and hop with you again. Happy February ♥

  4. This color combo for a valentine table is really beautiful, Chole. You’ve really given me fresh inspiration with the white and gray. Those little heart plates were a good buy. They would go with any colors.
    And I don’t think the dollar store pick looks bad, in fact I rather like the way it turned out!

  5. Beautiful table, Chloe! I love that Ikea throw used as a tablecloth. It gives the table so much texture and depth. I think your idea to add a little gray was perfect too. It works as a neutral but allows all the lovely white pieces to stand out. Gorgeous! Thanks again for hosting this fun blog hop!

  6. ha ha, it is true that sometimes our visions don’t work out, but the challenge is what makes tablescaping so much fun! Your flower arrangement with the painted hearts is stunning and I love the cozy feeling the puffy tablecloth adds…the white heart plates are wonderful, and they really stand out on the gray plates. Your table is beautiful, Chloe, and definitely says it’s a special occasion, let’s celebrate! Thank you for another wonderful hop!

  7. Chloe, I love your winter white tablescape for Valentine’s Day. Your gray plates are the perfect contrast and your gorgeous white flowers are perfection. What you described about something not coming out quite like you pictured happens to me all the time! I have learned to be flexible and as you did with the gray plates, simply change what isn’t working. Sometimes these end up being favorite projects!

  8. Beautiful table Chloe! I love the crisp white theme. Maybe it is just the snow falling outside my window, but the gorgeous texture of the tablecloth gives the illusion of dining on snow! Love the centerpiece, and I think the heart looks perfect, almost like it is floating! Thank you so much for hosting!

  9. Chloe, well for what didn’t work, you sure pulled off a beautiful table in the end! I know exactly the feeling you describe, and have many photos that won’t be shared.
    With that said, your fluffy throw has always won me over as a tablecloth, I just love the puckering detail. Your heart plates are like little exclamations with their curve (love it!), and your centerpiece is definitely attention-grabbing in a great way. I’d say your all white was a success using that pop of gray.
    Thank you for sharing your talent and gathering us a group in styling our tables. It is a wonderful pastime that I know many of us really look forward to.

  10. Your vision may not be exactly what you imagined, but it turned out beautiful!! I Love that textured throw as your tablecloth, it gives the whole table such an interesting backdrop. I think an all white table like this is very hard to photograph, however, your photos look wonderful. Those cute little white heart plates are the cherry on top!
    Thank you so much for hosting, I appreciate all the work that you do organizing these hops! Much Love to you!

  11. I just love the white instead of red. What a twist. Your throw makes the table look like a dream. Great heart plates too! Thanks for organizing the hop. I always get so many great ideas

  12. Very pretty table all dressed in white. The puffy throw is lovely and sets a great stage for your heart plates. Love the napkin tucked under the gray plate. The stemware is gorgeous! Such a lovely centerpiece, the flowers look amazing. I guess all of our creations cannot be winners. I love the look. We are our own worst critic. Definitely a different look for Valentines, but I am enjoying the palette. Who says it has to be red? Thanks again for organizing this fun hop.

  13. Oh contraire Chloe! I think you nail a beautiful white Valentines table. The grey plate provides just enough neutral contrast to set off the heart dish. And, I think you centerpiece is lovely. Your tablescape would also work wonderfully as a bridal or anniversary setting. But, I know what you mean about vision running into obstacles lol! Sometimes it’s sun or no sun for photography, or not being able to find an tableware element or embellishment. However, your white look is definitely a keeper.

  14. Chloe, I love your white table and the use of the gray plate is just perfect. The texture of the throw, the heart plate, the crystal, and the flower arrangement all work together seamlessly for a stunning tablescape! I understand when our vision doesn’t quite materialize, but no one else knows that, I am always so critical of my own work. Thank you for organizing the blog hops!

  15. Thank you Chloe for bringing us back together it’s always a pleasure to blog hop with this group. Your table feels very soft and is oh so pretty! Thanks for presenting another way to look at what is usual.

  16. Chloe, I think your table turned out beautiful. There is something so pretty and elegant about an all white table setting. Your floral centerpiece is gorgeous and adds the perfect finishing touch!

  17. Chloe, I just love how you tablescape reflects the delicateness and purity of Valentine’s Day. I love the textures of your table with your table cloth and the lacy chargers. The all-white floral centerpiece is exquisite and really makes it elegant and classic. So beautiful and creative.

  18. Everyone loves your table, they are right and the throw/tablecloth is great also! Little heart dishes are beautiful

  19. How clever to choose all white for Valentines Day, Chloe! You certainly don’t need red or pink to create a romantic and elegant Valentine’s table. I love the texture of your tablecloth, and the floral arrangement is gorgeous! I think the grey pIates add just the right contrast to the white color scheme and made the darling heart plates really stand out. I can totally relate to having things not go as planned. I was so disappointed when I couldn’t find red roses for my table this year. But things have a way of turning out okay, and like you said, the next one will be spectacular! Thanks for organizing the hop, my friend! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

  20. Chloe this is just gorgeous! I SO love the grey with your white! I love the fun shape of your heart plates too, and with your beautiful flower arrangement, this table is truly lovely! Thanks so much for always giving me great ideas, and for hosting the Valentine’s Table hop – it’s so much fun! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s my friend!

  21. Chloe, your table Is just lovely. I absolutely adore your heart floral centerpiece. And the heart shaped plates are so sweet. Thank you once again for hosting this wonderful tablescape hop 🙂

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