Pirate party invitation made of felt and trimmed with an iron on pirate parrot applique

A Pirate’s Life For Me ~ Pirate Party

A Pirate-themed party remains one of the most popular party themes for both children and adults.  I have searched the internet and am bringing you some of the best ideas I have seen out there.  I am planning a Pirate Party for late June and will bring you all those details at that time! Until then, use these ideas for inspiration for your Summer Pirate Parties!

If you have been following my blog, you know I can’t be happy with a simple paper invitation.  If that will do it for you, there are hundreds of adorable Pirate-themed invitations available out there.  I would be more likely to go with one of the following, like this one created by Erin at her Me and My Household blog.

Pirate party invitation, pirate party, pirate map, tea-stained invite, Pirate birthday party

These were then rolled up in scrolls.  These appear to have been hand-delivered, but I would put them into a mailing tube and send them off.

Pirate party invitations for boy's birthday party themed for pirates

~ OR ~

Pirate party invitation made of felt and trimmed with an iron on pirate parrot applique This is how the back appeared:

pirate invitations, crossed swords, pirate

Obviously, Trina, over at her Living My Dream blog put a lot of time and love in creating these adorable little invitations to her son’s Pirate-themed birthday party.

Next, it is time to create an adorable backdrop to set the scene!

Pirate party backdrop.  Backdrop for a pirate birthday party

This adorable backdrop, constructed over a bulletin board, and layered with a variety of Pirate-inspired fabrics is both true to the theme, fun, and adds a punch of color.  It was featured on the fiCkle piCkle blog.

Add some yummy Pirate fare to eat…

Pirate food for a pirate party.  Pirate themed party food

This is a delicious display of food, and everything was labeled with Pirate-themed names like:

  • Meatballs are cannon balls
  • Chicken nuggets, pirate gold
  • Drumsticks – parrots’ legs
  • Strawberries, raspberries and red grapes are rubies
  • A chest of clementines to fight scurvy
  • Mini hotdogs in pastry become pirate fingers
  • Homemade breadsticks are swords to dip in ‘blood’ spaghetti sauce
Serve up a Pirate Ship Cake
Pirate party cake, pirate ship cake
 Entertain the crew with a treasure hunt or other Pirate-themed games.
Pirate treasure hunt in the sand at a Pirate themed birthday party
Send off all the little Pirates with some “booty” favors and all will have had a great voyage!
Pirate party treasure chest with booty.  Pirate party favors
Yo ho, Yo ho!

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