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Tuesday Tips ~ The Perfect Glass

What is the best glass for entertaining?

When I was a young newlywed, getting ready for my first large party, I happened to read an entertaining book and I learned an invaluable tip about glassware.  If you are a real wine connoisseur, of course you want to have the correct wine glass to compliment your wine, however, if you are trying to build up a bar of glassware, you have other things to consider.   The book I read recommended the standard 10 ounce white wine glass.Wine glass, white wine glass

This is a great piece of glassware to build your bar upon.  I went to a restaurant supply store and began purchasing these glasses until I had 100 of these.  This is the best glass because it is perfectly acceptable to serve so many different kinds of drinks in it.  This is a glass in which you can serve white wine, red wine, a soda, a margarita, a bloody mary, or you can even use them for a dessert, such as a scoop of sorbet or fruit with whipped cream.

Yogurt and fruit served in a wine glass

You can even use these for a breakfast brunch food, yogurt and fruit.  There are rare occasions when I have used disposable dishes, but never glassware.  Try these glasses as your bar standard.

Do you have a favorite dish or glass you like to use when entertaining?

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