A Unique Invitation for a Wine Party

If you are hosting a wine tasting or just a get together where you are serving wine, this is a great idea for an invitation. Use empty wine bottles to hold the paper invitations! Your party guests will love these invitations! I find the invitation sets the mood for a party. If you send out creative invitations, your guests are going to be intrigued about the event!

Wine bottle invitations.  Several green or brown wine bottles with invitations rolled up inside them and purple ribbons with grape sealing wax seals adhered to the wine bottles.

How to make wine bottle invitations:

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You will need a wine bottle for each invitation you want to deliver. You can save wine bottles yourselves, have friends and family save them for you or ask a local restaurant if they would save some for you. If you would prefer to purchase wine bottles, you can find those here.

First you will need to remove the labels from the bottles. Often times soaking them in warm soapy water will do the trick. If you find you have a particularly sticky label, you can always use Goo Gone to remove the rest of the label. You can find it locally or buy it here.

Wine bottles in a sink of soapy water.

After you have the label removed you want to make sure you wash the wine bottles inside and out. I like to use this set of brushes to really make sure they are clean wine bottles.

Wine bottle in a sink of soapy water with a bottle brush inside of it.

Drying out wine bottles can be a bit of a challenge. I have found the easiest way to really get them dry is to tap them until all of the water has come out and then I prop them up like this for a few days.

Empty clear wine bottle propped up on white kitchen dish towels.

If you have a vinyl cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette you can print out words for the outside of your wine bottle. For this party I simply chose “Join Us”. You can also get creative and make a faux wine label for your bottles. For my parent’s fiftieth wedding anniversary I printed out faux labels that included their names and the year of their wedding on them. Then I took an ink stamp and inked it lightly with purple ink and stamped the labels. You can get as creative as your would like with the labels.

Hands peeling off the vinyl putting the words "join us" on the wine bottle.

Print the details of the party invitation on a piece of parchment paper. For a birthday or anniversary you may want to include invitation wording to the effect that, “like a fine wine, the marriage of Joe and Chloetta has reached a fine year” or “like a fine wine, Joe just gets better with each passing year…”

Wording for wine party invitation

Roll up the paper invitation tightly and tie it with a ribbon so that it will easily slip down the neck of the wine bottle. Leave the ribbon long enough that it hangs outside of the bottle. You don’t want the invitation to get stuck inside the bottle.

Invitation rolled up tight and tied with a purple ribbon

Next, take sealing wax and a stamp with grapes or an initial or something else and seal the end of the ribbon to the bottle. Put a wine cork into the top of the bottle and you are ready to send them off! That way the invitation will be easy for your guests to pull out of the bottle.

Hand holding ribbon on a wine bottle with a dollop of purple sealing wax on the bottle, over top of the ribbon.

You will need to decide how you are going to deliver your invitations. I was able to deliver most of mine in person, but if you need to mail them, you can buy mailing tubes to slip them inside and use the postal service to deliver them. You can also get free priority mailing boxes from the US Postal service. They are not as pretty as mailing tubes, but you might want to go that route.

Theme the rest of your party around wine and enjoy! I will be sharing the rest of the party details and how I incorporated the wine theme in the coming week!

Two dark empty wine bottles with white words on them that say, "join us" with invitations rolled up inside and purple ribbons attached to the bottles with purple sealing wax.

Supplies for making invitations:

Wine bottles
Parchment paper
Cricut machine
Glue gun (You will want a dual temp glue gun to use with the sealing wax.)
Sealing wax
Seal for wax

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