An Easy DIY Red Flower Christmas Wreath

This is an easy DIY red flower wreath that you can make in an hour or less.  I am so excited to have a front porch to decorate this year.  The door of my new home is painted green.  I like green but it isn’t the color I always want my front door to be.   A green door means an evergreen wreath is not going to stand out as much.  I almost bought a red berry wreath for Christmas, but it really wasn’t what I wanted, so time to make mine own.

Red Hydrangea Wreath for ChristmasThis red hydrangea wreath is the perfect addition to my front porch Christmas decorations.  The red really stands out against my dark green door.

Square Styrofoam Wreath FormI have had this Styrofoam wreath form hanging around the craft room for quite some time, just waiting for the right spark of imagination and the right price of the flowers I wanted to use.  This poor wreath had taken a bit of abuse along the way, so a little hot glue fixed the crack and I was ready to get to work.  If you don’t have one of these laying around like I did, you can order a rectangular foam wreath for $7.19 on Amazon.

Red HydrangeasThis project was totally inspired by a wreath made by Kim over at Exquisitely Unremarkable.  Ever since I saw that wreath, I wanted to make one.  The problem was the flowers, I was finding were running anywhere from $8.99 to $12.99 each.  When I spotted these hydrangeas at Michael’s on sale I knew I might have found the elusive flowers for this wreath.  Instead of $95.88 for these twelve flowers, I got them for $39.00!  That was a price I could live with!  If you can’t find these flowers on sale at your local Michael’s you can do almost as well buying these red silk hydrangeas for about $45.00 (once again, at Amazon).

Gluing leaves onto a wreath formI began by pulling all of the leaves off of the flowers and glued the leaves onto the edge of the wreath form with a hot glue gun, beginning on the corners and then filling in the sides.

Wreath with silk leaves around the borderHere is how my wreath looks as it is ready to have the hydrangea blossoms added to it.  You will see how this step makes the wreath look more finished at the end.

Red hydrangea blossomsI cut the blossom heads off of the stems, leaving about 3 inches of stem on each blossom.  I was ready to start seeing my beautiful wreath come together!

DIY Christmas WreathThis was the really fun part!  My hydrangea had very stiff stems, so I was able to just push them down into the styrofoam, tucking them close enough together to give my wreath a very full look.

Red Flower Christmas WreathHere is my finished wreath, all ready to hang on my door.  I used a chenille stem to make a hook on the back and then hung this with a Command hook on my front door.

Red Hydrangea Wreath for Christmas

Here is my wreath on my front door, it really does stand out against the green and I couldn’t be happier with it.  Ohio State fans might think this is an “O” for OSU, that was not intentional but being a part time Buckeye means I like that it looks like that.

Christmas Front Door with red Hydrangea WreathMy wreath is perfect, but I did decide to add some clusters of the same flowers at the top corners of my front door.  How do you like my $2.68 Christmas decoration?  Click the link to learn about my very cheap and time saving decoration.

I hope you like my wreath and consider making one of these yourself.  Since it is red, it could stay up through Valentine’s Day!  I am so glad I tackled this easy DIY red flower wreath.

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  1. who even notices the door color ? ( it’s pretty) but the decorations make your porch so beautiful ! love the garland & the christmas gift in the urn or planter ! thanks for the tutorial !

  2. Two of my houses were “old” brick /aka/ cement rubbed over them giving them an aged look. I told the builder I wanted an aged red front door and shutters. (He looked at my husband asking if it was o.k.). Fire truck red with deep brown created the perfect color!! Within a few days six more buyers had the same color!! The color goes well with a variety of house paints in case you decide to change your door color.

    1. Thank you Judy! I love a red door and have had one in the past. I am thinking here in Florida of going a pretty blue. I have never had a blue door! I guess you taught that builder a thing or two!

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