21 Christmas Decor Projects

It’s that time of year to start thinking about Christmas projects and Christmas crafts you may want to make this year! Celebrating Christmas in July for me is a great way to get some of those decorations done and out of the way early this year! I am sharing some easy diy projects you can start now or save to work on closer to the holidays.

I am so very happy to have been invited to join this wonderful Christmas in July blog hop hosted by Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse! At the bottom of this post you will find links to all of the participants!

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The best part about starting those Christmas projects early is that you have time to schedule them to involve the whole family in some of them, AND it is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit as we get closer to the holiday. No matter if it is a Christmas wreath or Christmas porch decorations, I have a full round up of ideas for you! Gather your craft supplies and let’s get going! Did you know we are only 153 days away from Christmas day?!! Join me at my craft table and try some of these projects!!

My most popular Christmas project ever!!

I am sure you have seen those ornate ornament topiaries for hundreds of dollars. These do make wonderful outdoor Christmas decorations, but I just couldn’t see spending that much, so I just made my own several years ago. This continues to be my most popular Christmas craft ever! Make an oversized Christmas ornament topiary!

Make a Christmasy centerpiece.

Okay, this isn’t really something you can make right now, but this is one of my other VERY popular Christmas projects. You could recreate this with artificial greenery starting now, but maybe you just want to save this for early December! How to make a fresh Christmas greenery centerpiece

Make a faux snowy swag for your front door!

Make a faux snowy swag for your front door in no time at all with my step by step tutorial! The best part? This swag doesn’t really scream Christmas, more like winter. Click on the link and you will see how Dollar Tree garlands can be just the thing you need for your holiday projects! This is something you can put up in late November and leave up throughout the winter if you so desire!

Make a Christmas tree-like topiary.

This isn’t going to stand in for your Christmas tree, but it does make an elegant topiary to display in your home. I found that it added a classic look to my Christmas mantel. I finished mine off in coastal style with a starfish for the star at the top, but this would look just as good finished with classic silver, gold or red decorations. I simply deconstructed some artificial evergreens to build this over a styrofoam tree shape. Make a miniature Christmas tree topiary.

Glowing snowballs for Christmas are magical!

I added my glowing snowballs to an evergreen arrangement on my front porch. What a way to say Merry Christmas! You could even make these with remote control votive lights and add them to your Christmas tree! Make some glowing snowballs for Christmas! These are a nice alternative to traditional Christmas lights.

Add Christmas decor anywhere in your home.

If you want to add a little Christmas vignette or holiday decor anyplace in your home, consider using a tray. You could do this on your dining table, kitchen island, a coffee table, or even on a bedroom dresser to add a touch of holiday spirit to any room! This cute idea incorporated candy canes and Christmas candies on my kitchen island. Decorate a tray for Christmas!

Make a kissing ball!

There are all kinds of Christmas kissing balls. This one made with pine cones makes for a pretty decoration to hang anywhere in your home! The touch of white paint on these pine cones gives them a snowy look. This year I plan on making some of these with silver jingle bells! These make for easy diy Christmas ornaments.

A Christmas decoration for less than $3?

This might cost you a little more than it did for me a few years ago, but this is still a really bargain priced decoration! The most common question I get about this one is how to make it waterproof for outdoor display. Simply wrap it in a plastic holiday tablecloth! Make your own Christmas decoration for less than $3!

Use a wooden hoop to make this simple wreath.

This wreath is incredibly simple and inexpensive to make, but makes an elegant statement piece for your front door. This would look lovely on a dark wooden door and can easily be displayed throughout the winter. You can customize this simple wreath with a ribbon of your choice. Directions for this simple wreath.

Decorate a lantern for Christmas.

Lanterns of all kinds are so very popular and what is better than decorating them for the holiday season? It is so easy to do and with battery operated candles on timers, these add a warm glow to your home especially during the holidays. How to decorate a lantern for Christmas.

Dollar tree bowls make this icy holiday decoration.

I can’t remember how I was inspired to make this, but it turned out so well, I have used colored bowls to make similar decorations for around my swimming pool in the summertime. I still love these crystal clear versions filled with fairy lights. At nighttime they are absolutely magical! Make a light up Christmas display from Dollar Tree bowls!

A deco mesh garland will cheer your entry!

I know there are deco mesh lovers and deco mesh haters. If deco mesh is not your cup of tea, just pass up this post! Make this deco mesh garland for the holidays! I made mine to display on the railings up to my front porch, but this would be just as pretty on an indoor staircase!

Decorate your mailbox to add holiday cheer to your street!

You can use this same technique to decorate your mailbox for any holiday or season. I love to add the seasonal decor to mine. I live at a rather busy corner and I know this brings joy to so many passers by. Decorate your mailbox for Christmas!

Turn little lanterns into Christmas ornaments!

When I spotted these little lanterns I knew what I wanted to use them for Christmas tree ornaments. A farmhouse style Christmas tree would get a nice warm glow from a collection of these snowy little lanterns. Make light up ornaments for your Christmas tree!

More popular Christmas decor ideas!

Make a topsy-turvy Christmas box display!
Make a huge Christmas ornament archway!
Make some Mickey Mouse Christmas ornaments!
Make this Candy Cane Christmas decoration!
Decorate a ladder for Christmas
Make a diy Christmas tree collar!
Make a red floral wreath for the holidays!

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  1. Chloe, I am definitely decorating my mailbox this year! Each year I think of you yet I never seem to do it…2023 will be the year. So many fabulous ideas and I know your porch during the holidays (and the rest of the year) is always so fabulous. Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks. Happy to be hopping with you today.

  2. I can hardly wait to check out some of these amazing crafts! I love the lighted snowballs and the ornate topiaries (like everyone else). Enjoyed hopping with you.

  3. My kids would love to do these this season…especially Addy! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas!

  4. Wow so many great Christmas DIY projects! I loved and want to try the glowing snowballs. They looked so pretty on top of your greenery. Perfect for the porch!

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