Baseball Crafts to Celebrate Opening Day!


It is time for Baseball again!  For me that means it is time for some baseball crafts!  I like baseball, the Summer weather, the green grass field, the crack of the bat, yes, I enjoy baseball!  Being from Cleveland, we were thrilled to have a team in the world Series last year, and don’t deny the Cubs anything, but it is now time for us to get excited about the new season!

I wanted to make a fun wreath to add to my front door.  This one will be flying up to Cleveland where I don’t have a green front door, but for now, I will just take my pictures on my white interior doors.  This would be a fun wreath for a kid’s room with a baseball theme, too!  I had to start with drilling some holes in baseballs!  For the wreath I drilled holes in three balls, straight through them.  DIY Baseball Crafts For the tiered stand at the bottom of this post I used this 7/8″ drill bit to drill all the way through the balls.

DIY Baseball Crafts

I immediately decided to pullout a square wreath frame to simulate the ‘diamond’ of the baseball field.DIY Baseball Crafts

I cut strips of astroturf off a piece of turf I had in my garage and  wrapped the strips around the wreath form and secured them with green chenille stems.DIY Baseball Crafts

DIY Baseball Crafts

Here it is almost completely wrapped.  When it was completely wrapped I trimmed off all of the black threads.  DIY Baseball Crafts

I picked up this small baseball mitt at Five Below for just $5 and added it to the bottom of my wreath.  A red bow seemed like the good color for a Cleveland Indian’s fan!DIY Baseball Crafts Those holes I drilled?  I used a wire to thread a string through three of the balls.  DIY Baseball Crafts I used the same red ribbon to tie a simple knot between each of the balls and strung them up on the top of my baseball diamond wreath!DIY Baseball Crafts

Here it is, ready to greet fans!  Perfect for baseball season!  Now, how would I serve up treats for game day?  It was time for more crafting!  DIY Baseball Crafts

I headed off to Hobby Lobby and found these wooded circles and a wooden platter in graduated sizes.  DIY Baseball Crafts I also bought a 7/8″ dowel and painted the dowel and the wooden discs white.  I then drilled a hole with a 7/8″ drill in the platter, the discs and through each of five baseballs.  DIY Baseball Crafts Four baseballs were glued to the base of the wooden platter.  One baseball was drilled with a hole not quite through, the dowel was put through the base with this baseball secured under the platter.  Balls and the additional discs were threaded onto the dowel, with the top of the dowel being finished off with a DIY Baseball Crafts


Here is my finished tiered baseball themed stand, ready to bring out and serve up baseball favorites all season long!

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  1. You are so clever and I don’t there’s a theme that you can’t create a wreath for. Hope you’re feeling better and once again thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is amazing Chloe! I need to make this wreath for my sister-in-law. My nephew is a star high school baseball pitcher and it would be perfect for her door. I love the tiered serving too! I need to make one of those for me. 🙂

    1. Thank you Catherine, it is a fun wreath and perfect for anyone with a baseball player in their family! I am already thinking about how I could restyle the baseball tiered serving tray for other occasions!

  3. I am having a heck of a time drilling the holes in my baseballs.
    I’m using a 7/8” drill bit.
    I’m trying to make the cupcake holder.
    Any suggestings?
    Thank you.

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