DIY Flowers

Beautiful DIY Flowers From Bloominous

The kind people at Bloominous recently reached out to me and asked if I would share their story and product with my readers. They are not compensating me in any way, but I think this might be a great option for some of my readers for their future entertaining needs.  Having owned a florist shop with my husband I know what it takes to create beautiful arrangements for special occasions. I also know it can be very expensive. Bloominous offers the tools to create beautiful DIY floral arrangements at an affordable prices.

DIY Flowers

Bloominous all started when the founder, Richard, and his wife were planning their wedding. They shopped around and received quotes from numerous florists and found the cost to be much more than expected. They then researched “DIY flowers” but found that the process to create what they wanted would be complex and exhausting.  Richard said “In the end, we reluctantly went with the florist and wondered why there isn’t an IKEA for wedding flowers.” After the wedding Richard took the idea for an “IKEA for wedding flowers” and ran with it… creating Bloominous.

DIY Flowers

Yes, their website is geared towards brides – but these flowers would also work wonderfully for any special event in your home. Having clients over? A special dinner party? What a great and affordable way to add a beautiful floral touch to your decor. Centrepieces range from $35 to $70 and come with everything you need to create the arrangement. The flowers come cut-to-order, dethorned, and trimmed – to save time and money.  I can tell you as a former florist, this is a real time and money saver!  I wish someone had been around to help me in that way when I first got started.


I would like the opportunity to buy the flowers of my choice locally, but I pretty much only have grocery store flowers available to me, which can be nice, but really don’t allow me to pick and choose varieties and colors.  I have to use what I can find in the grocery store floral departments and can be sorely disappointed when I can’t find the flowers I want for a particular occasion.  Have you ever created your own floral arrangements? How did you source your flowers? Let me know in the comments!  Go and visit and see if this is a resource that would work for you in the future!

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  1. My husband and I were both very hands on with our wedding planning too. We DIY’d as much as we could. I wish I had known about this option back then. Thanks for sharing.

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