Shopping for your Home at Disney Marketplace

There is this great shop that opened at Walt Disney World last year at the Disney Marketplace.  The place is called the Co-Op.  Inside there are four little shops, but the one I am kind of obsessed with is called Centerpiece.  This is the most fun place I have found to shop for your home at Disney Marketplace.  It is full of the greatest little treasures for your home, all of course, with a Disney twist.

Marketplace-Co-OpDishes, pillows, wall art, linens, glassware, chalkboards, placemats, more than you can imagine!  If you are a lover of classic Disney

Enchanted-Tiki-Room-SignFun signs like this one advertising the Enchanted Tiki Room which can be found on the wall behind the cash register.  I thought at first they were just for decor, but they aren’t, you can buy any of them!  I especially love the classic Disneyland one.  I really don’t have a place to use any of these, but I can dream about what I might plan for a room for my grandchildren, can’t I?

Disneyland-Park-PlateI absolutely love these fun plates and all the classic rides that are featured on them.  It is particularly fun that things from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World are featured on these plates.  Can you spot the Casey Junior train?  I have been told it is going away soon, which will make me so sad, I can remember riding that as a very little girl the first time I got to go to Disneyland.  The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’s nautilus is featured on these plates too.  That is a ride that has been gone from both parks for years now.

Dole-Whip-DishesIf you are a Disney fan, you no doubt know what these little dishes are all about!  These are supposed to simulate the famous and amazing Dole Whip!  It might be kind of cruel to have these at home if you don’t have a recipe to re-create the wonderful icy treat.

Disney-Salt-and-pepper-ShakersThese are adorable little salt and pepper shakers suggest the trash cans found around the Disney Parks.  I have fond memories of my pre-teenage son and his buddy running around the parks trying to count how many different themed trash cans Disney had.   I might just have to buy them each a set of these for the sake of nostalgia.

Jungle-Cruise-DishesThere is such a fun assortment of Jungle Cruise and Tiki Room items like these glasses featuring the original Jungle Cruise boats, and these bowls with tikis from the Enchanted Tiki Room.  They have these cute little baby elephants like the one on the Jungle Cruise ride that is sitting in the water in three different colors.  I gave one to a dear friend who says just looking at it reminds her of Walt Disney World and Adventureland in particular.

Porcelain-Disney-CastlesI don’t know yet what I would do use these little porcelain castles for, but I am sure there is a tablescape that will include these in the future.  Off to the left you can see they have coffee mugs with the same fun print as the plates I showed above.

Try-The-Grey-StuffIf you are a Beauty and the Beast Fan, you will find an entire line featuring the quote, “Be our guest,” and “Try the Grey Stuff…,”.  There are placemats, glasses, kitchen towels and dishes themed around the movie.

Tomorrowland-PlatesThese melamine dishes seem particularly timely with the recent release of the movie, Tomorrowland, but I think I would enjoy having a variety of these featuring all the ‘lands’ of the park so each person could choose their favorite ‘land’ to dine on.  These dishes are available for Tomorrowland, Adventureland and Fantasyland.  I didn’t find any New Orleans Square or Liberty Square design, but perhaps those two ‘lands’ will get their own dishes, too.


No matter what your favorite Disney ride or park, you are likely to have fun shopping for your home at Disney Marketplace.  find something you like at Downtown Disney for your home or even for hosting your next party.  If you get a chance to go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World save some time for shopping!  If you can’t get to one of their parks, a lot of their merchandise is available online, also.  You can find it right here:  Disney Centerpiece.  I would love to see if you have used any of these fun pieces in your home, or for entertaining!  Let me know what your favorite pieces are, I just may have a giveaway in the future.






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  1. I love the Beauty and the Beast plates. I can totally see you creating a fun tablescape with them. I also love the Tiki Room sign. That would be so fun in a little cabana. My friend loves Disney and they go there at least once a year. I’m more of a every 5-10 years kind of person. The last several times I’ve been have been the busiest times of the year after Christmas and over Spring Break. If you hit it right I agree that it is one of the most magical places on earth; however, if you are there during the busy season it’s not so magical for me.

    1. Thanks for sticking with me during my move, Dawn. I have to get back to a regular schedule now. I agree about the busy times at Disney (which seem to be more and more of the time)!

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