Beautiful Easter Tablescape

A beautiful Easter Tablescape was easy to set for four on the front porch of my Celebration, home. Fine china, crystal and silver make this an elegant table for a special meal.

I am so fortunate to have beautiful weather to be able to dine out of doors for Easter.

Come on over to the front porch and gather for an Easter celebration!

I never had ‘wedding’ china, but this is probably the closest thing. After we had been married for a few years and were a little more financially sound, I spotted these in the window of an interior store near our local grocery store. My husband noticed and started buying place settings for me. It didn’t have to be a holiday, he would just occasionally surprise me with some pieces. I love this china as much as the first day I spotted it. The pattern is Lace Point by Lenox.

The front porch is a favorite place to dine this time of year. It isn’t too hot yet and the rainy season isn’t upon us. We do have to deal with the pollen, which means the furniture has to be washed off daily. I am looking forward to that season coming to an end.

This lovely and delicate Bohemian crystal belonged to my husband before we were married. I have always thought it goes so well with my china. The gentle lacy pattern seems to complement it so nicely.

I needed at least one bunny and found this sweet rocking bunny at Michaels. The soft off white went so well with the creamy Lenox color. He and a few pastel eggs were all that were needed for a nod to Easter.

Faux boxwood placemats on a pink tablecloth add to the soft look of my table. Sadly, each time I use them, they seem to lose a little more of the boxwood. I am going to have to repair them or look for replacements. These came from Pier 1 and I really do miss their unique placemats.

Soft pink napkins, also a Pier 1 find were tucked under the edge of the plates. For a different look, the silverware gifted to me by my mother was tied with a wide pink bow and topped the salad plates.

In addition to my centerpiece, mint julep cups were filled with tulips and small yellow roses and babies breath to add more color to the table.

I don’t know what we did before we had wired ribbon, it is so nice to be able to get the ribbon to lie exactly how you want like I did after securing the silverware.

In addition to my rocking bunny and some eggs, the centerpiece was a vase of tulips. A creamy vase decorated was filled with colorful fresh tulips and then they were surrounded with a frame of babies breath.

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  1. Chloe, your table is simple elegance! I love your style! Tying the silverware with the graceful ribbon was the perfect touch. I also love your flower arrangement and mint julep cups with the baby’s breath and tulips. The rocking bunny was a great find. I do like the greenery placemats and am so sorry Pier 1 is only online now and doesn’t have the same selection.
    Your china and bohemian crystal are absolutely beautiful!
    Thank you for your table styling expertise and for organizing so many hops.

  2. Chloe, I love your mix of dinnerware and husband’s stemware on your table! The delicate patterns and colors marry beautifully and are ideal for Easter. How sweet your hubby would surprise you with a dish on occasion! Your bunny, flowers, Julep cups and ribbon complement your table beautifully and I love the texture the boxwood mats provide. I so miss Pier 1 too. It’s not the same since REV acquired their assets and name. I so appreciate all your organizing efforts for these hops, I wish you would continue! As always it’s a pleasure to join you at the table ♥

    1. Thank you so much Mary! I promise there will be opportunities for us to partner in the future, I just have to take a little break and sort out my blogging priorities at this time. Yes, Pier 1 certainly is a loss. I am hoping someone sees the hole in the tabletop market and fills it! I always look forward to a visit to your lovely spot on the lake!

  3. Chloe, your region is SO attractive this time of year. Consistently sunny days lend the perfect backdrop to that gorgeously simple centerpiece of tulips and baby’s breath. Your china pattern is timelessly pretty, and the pink ribbon and napkins really make a nice combination. The crystal and mint julep cups really elevate the look. I love how you’ve set the flatware across the table with the ribbon. And I had to laugh at the comment of the Easter decorations. I have used so many different methods of storing items that I confuse myself with my own organization!
    I certainly hope to continue the relationship we’ve built over the past several years through our common love of tablescaping as you venture into some new areas of collaboration. It has been a pleasure and inspiration being in your creative company! Thank you, Chloe!

    1. Thank you Rita, I am sure we will have opportunities to coordinate on projects again in the future, I just have to sort out my priorities at this time. I certainly will continue to be styling tables, as I know you will be too!

  4. Beautiful table, Chloe! I love your china and the soft spring colors. Your table definitely has a casual elegant vibe. So many pretty pieces too – from the china to the mint julep cups…and the cute rocking bunny. I have a similar one but it doesn’t rock. Thanks again for hosting these blog hops. I enjoy being part of such a talented group!

    1. Thanks so much Shelley! I have enjoyed these hops and do hope someone else picks these up, like Debbee did for St. Patrick’s Day. I have just am sorting where I need to concentrate my blogging efforts! Hey, are you going to Haven?

  5. Your china is so elegant! That’s such a nice way to collect it. Love the boxwood chargers and the simple tie on the silverware. Your table looks so fresh and rosy. I love the Pier 1 napkins, too. Sadly ours closed. Thanks for hosting.

  6. It is lovely Chloe, and so special filled with favorite classic traditional china, crystal and silver. I love your new rocking bunny {btw, I was thrilled to hear you hide things from yourself too! } I always sniffle when I think of Pier 1, one of my favorite stores for sure. Love the soft colors you chose and the mint julep cups of flowers, and the pretty pink ribbon bows. Thank you so much for hosting our hops

  7. Chloe, thanks again for your wonderful organizational blog hops ….and the praises continue for the beautiful outdoor porch table setting you have chosen. I love our Florida weather, particularly when we can sit outside this time of year. Your table is so inviting and I loved the story of your china. It brings special memories to you as you remember each and every time hubby brought you another setting or piece. Those are the sweet “heartaches”… as I like to call them…because one’s heart aches at the memories.

    I, also miss Pier 1…and I mentioned them in my post today too. Great minds think alike so they say!

    You have been a dear friend for many years now…I treasure the day we met at Haven, and our days of hosting hops, etc. together over the years. But as with all things, our lives move on in different directions and new journeys. I know our paths will cross again, my friend…so until then…hugs and blessings.

  8. Chloe, your porch offers a beautiful place for alfresco dining. The centerpiece is simply elegant and I always love julep cups filled with flowers. Your hubby was so thoughtful to buy your china pattern for no special occasion, just because. The pink ribbon tied flatware is a lovely addition to your table. I miss Pier 1 terribly, the online is not the same. Thank you for all of the tablescape hops through the years. Because of you, I have met new blogging friends along the way. I will miss you hosting, but I totally understand. Wishing you much success in new blogging endeavors!

  9. Chloe, your china is beautiful and those glasses and silverware can be given to me if you ever tire of them!!! Lovely as always. You have such a talent for this. Happy Easter to you and your family! So happy to be hopping with you.

    1. Thanks so much Mary! Oh, you have beautiful things to use! Happy Easter to you, I am sorry you won’t have all of your family there! I look forward to our gathering in late April!

  10. Beautiful Easter table. The china is lovely and your husband was so sweet to add to your collection. The glassware is gorgeous! Love the bunny, I saw that at Michaels too. The flatware is lovely tied with a ribbon. I do have lost a few things, maybe misplaced. Thank you one again for hosting this lovely blog hop.

  11. Chloe, your table is so lovely. I was so attracted to your beautiful stemware and dinnerware. They are so elegant and delicate. Surrounded with tulips, roses and baby breath, it is an exquisite tablescape. The rocking bunny and eggs are the perfect touch to bring us into the Easter theme. I hope you will be able to enjoy more memorable dining outside after the pollen season. It certainly is more desirable than all of the winter snow we still have in the north. Your endless talent for tablescapes and home decorating have brought so much inspiration to many people. Thank you, Chloe! Best wishes to any new endeavors and keep in touch.

  12. Chole, how lovely it would be to sit at your beautiful Easter table and dine outdoors. All the pretty elements you added like the pink napkins, and ribbon around the silverware, the green boxwood place mats, that bunny (love, love that bunny) and your collected china are combined together to make this a lovely table.
    And what a sweet hubby you have who buys you pieces of china through the years 🙂
    I really enjoy these table hops, thanks again for pulling me into the fun!

  13. Chloe, your alfresco table setting speaks of an elegant springtime lunch. Your china and crystal are gorgeous, and the centerpiece with the bunny and flowers is lovely. Happy spring!

  14. Chloe, your Easter table is so beautiful and brings a smile to my face. I always love it when you set a table on your porch. Your china and stemware are so pretty, and I love the pretty pink ruffled napkins. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of these hops. I hope that you have a Happy Easter!

  15. We selected the same placemats! You know what they say about great minds… 😉 I love your rocking bunny and ruffled napkins, too. Thanks for hosting this lovely hop!

  16. Happy to hear that I’m not the only one coming up a little short on the Easter decor. The rocking bunny is too cute and the boxwood placemats are perfect for this setting. Your china and crystal are a match made in tablescape heaven! Spring isn’t spring without tulips and displaying them and the other florals in Mint Julep cups was a great idea.

    I am so happy that we crossed paths many years ago. From Celebrate Your Story to these awesome blog-hops it’s been lots of fun and I’m looking forward to what’s next on your journey.

  17. Chloe, your Easter table is beautiful!! Oh my goodness, your crystal stemware and your silverware are gorgeous!! It is so fun to see an outdoor Easter table, we just are not warm enough to think about that yet, but I love the thought of it and will live vicariously through your front porch!! Thank you again for all these wonderful years of hopping with you, I have enjoyed each and every one!!! Best wishes to you and your new endeavors!! Have a wonderful Easter.

  18. Indeed a beautiful table Chloe! How thoughtful of your husband to notice your interest in that gorgeous China! I love the rocking bunny and the julep cups filled with tulips! How fortunate are you to be able to dine outdoors! We are several weeks away from that yet! Thank you so much for hosting!

  19. Chloe, thank you for hosting the Easter tablescape hop. It’s a pleasure to once again join this group of talented ladies. I love your rocking bunny. He looks great with pink tablecloth and your beautiful Lenox China (I also have Lenox.) Like you, I miss Pier 1. Still looking for a local replacement. I remember those placemats. Happy Easter, my friend.

  20. Lovely table Chloe! The Lenox China is beautiful and I love the back story. My wedding china is Lenox as well and we picked it ‘cuz I love the creaminess color of Lenox china. AND that stemware is to die for! SO pretty all of it. Happy Spring! XO- MaryJo

  21. Another stunning table Chloe – perfect for Easter! I love your china, and what a brilliant way to display the flatware! I’m definitely adding that method to my tablesetting toolkit! 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting this fabulous hop – I’ve been honored to join you all this last year. Take care my friend!

  22. I actually DID have wedding China, and that was it! I had exactly the same set. Sadly, I got rid of it when I got rid of my first husband. I really do miss that China. 🙂 Beautiful table! I am hosting a St. Patrick’s Day dinner for three on Saturday, so everything will stay Saint Pat’s around here until that dinner is over, and then I’ll be breaking out everything Easter!

  23. Truly a beautiful Easter Tablescape, Chloe! Your Lenox china is so elegant. I love the story of your husband surprising you with place settings on random occasions! How lucky you are to be able to dine outside in March. It’s still very cold here in Connecticut. I always love the tables you set outside on your porch. The pale pink table linens and the tulips are lovely. I wish I could find boxwood placemats…it’s such a shame that Pier 1 no longer has a great selection for table settings. I love the bunny and the pastel eggs, too!

    Thank you for hosting these hops over the years. You introduced me to the art of table styling when I stumbled upon your FB page. As a new blogger, I’d never even heard the term tablescape before. Thank you for accepting me into this amazing group. Now, tablescapes are one of my favorite things to blog about! I look forward to following along on your new blogging endeavors. Happy Easter, my friend!

  24. Chloe, what a beautiful Easter table! So many lovely elements. I especially like that adorable rocking bunny. Sorry to have missed the party. Thanks for including me in so many others.

  25. Hmmmmm I don’t know what happened to my comments but I did write something a couple days ago…who knows?, I never rule out operator error. 🙂
    Your setting is lovely and the sweetness of your hubby getting you pieces of your china over the years is so nice. I call that “heartaches”….it makes my heart ache as I remember such sweet gestures of my loved one.
    I appreciate you and all we have been through over the years, starting with the first time I met you at haven, and our sharing of hops, etc.. I don’t know where this journey will end, but I know blogging is forever changing. Something that never changes is we love what we do.
    Hugs and much love

  26. What an absolutely beautiful table Chloe! I am in LOVE with your Lace Point china and Bohemian crystal. And I want to use your idea of tieing the ribbon around the silverware and laying it on the plates. It’s so gorgeous. Thank you for all the inspiration,.

  27. Loved the story of your husband surprising you with the china, how very thoughtful. I like your use of the mint julep cups with the baby’s breath and tulips. Pretty on the table but low enough to enjoy a conversation.

  28. A simply lovely table, perfect for the porch. I like your use of smaller arrangements in the silver cups to echo the centerpiece. The tulips are gorgeous.

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