Black and Gold Interiors

The high rise condo is done.  It looks wonderful, I feel happy whenever I come home to it, AND we have been asked to have it featured on a house tour this Fall!  It is clean and modern, gray and white and simple and comfortable.  Now the time has come to think about the condominium we own in Florida.  It is filled with mostly cast-offs from our previous homes.  It is time to re-decorate and maybe do a little re-designing.  With that in mind, I am busy looking for ideas all over the internet and in magazines.  I don’t think I will go with black and gold, but I have a friend that really would like to decorate his home in black and gold, so this post is dedicated to him.

Black and Gold OfficeI think this is an elegant office for a man or a woman.  The lamps are particularly striking.  Image: decorpad

Black and Gold office spaceThis is another black and gold office space.  I have to wonder about the books, though.  Did this person really only own books with black and white dust jackets?  If I wanted to achieve this look I would cover my books and hand write the titles to get the look I wanted.  Image: Glitter Inc.

Black Living RoomThis black and gold room is quite elegant.  (Notice the same thing with the books?)  White paint on the some of the walls makes this room not too severe.  This was designed by Ralph Lauren.  Image: mosamuse.

Exotic black bedroom.Maybe it is because it is Sunday afternoon and we enjoyed a big brunch, but this bed just says “crawl in and fall asleep” to me!  Image: Firm One’s.

Brass table lamp Finished with Black Color Ideas of Lampshade Design Ideas with Gold Color IdeasI can imagine this in so many places; a living room, foyer, bedroom.  This lamp would most certainly be a statement piece in your home.  Image: CLAFFISICA.

Lorenzo Castillo living room black gold leopard hide velvet eclectic glam darkThis living room designed by Lorenzo Castillo was featured on  Could this be the look you might be going for in your home?  The black walls make it a little dark for me.

Are black and gold for you?  They are colors that certainly make a statement, and the statement is most certainly, opulence. Do you have a black and gold room?  I would love to see how you have put these colors together in your interior!


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