A Bowl Full of Memories

Let me start by saying you don’t have to use a bowl, I just happened to have this big wooden bowl, but a basket would work just as well and makes a unique way to display photographs.  I keep this big bowl on our extra large kitchen counter near all the kitchen stools where people like to gather when they are visiting.  In the bowl I keep photos.  Photos from when my children were babies, and photos of my granddaughter.  There are pictures of our old house and pictures of friends.  This is a wonderful way to keep guests entertained and for family to reminisce over good times and happy memories.  I suggest keeping a bowl or basket of photos on a coffee table or other gathering place in your home.  I change out the photos once a year or so, and everyone is always pleasantly surprised by the “new” old memories.

A bowl full of memories #celebrateanddecorate.com

It is nice to have all of your photos saved on your computer or hard drive, but what a wonderful way to share these memories with families and friends.  Print out some of your favorites from a wide variety of times and places and share them in a big bowl or basket.  This is such a better thing to look through than a coffee table book.  Share your travels, your family, your hobbies and more.  Do you have a unique way to display photographs?  I would love it if you would share your favorite way to share photos!

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    1. Thanks Karen, I love rummaging through the photos and moving different ones on top. I will certainly stop by your blog!

    1. Thats Leia, I don’t know if I have something great to share this week, but I will be back!

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