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Candy Cane Christmas Swag

Candy Cane Christmas Swag

When I spotted this cute candy cane sign in Bullseye’s Playground at Target for just $3.00 I knew I would be adding this to my candy-themed Christmas decor this year!  You could just as easily get a $1.00 sign of similar size at Dollar Tree.  Don’t overlook those bargain spots for inspiration!  I start all of my swags with a piece of styrofoam about 2″ x 4″ x 11″.  This will be the base for your swag.  Using a button to keep the wire from cutting through my foam, I push a wire through the holes on the button and use another button on the other side.  On the backside, I can twist the wires to make a circle to be able to hang my swag on a Command brand hook.  

With my styrofoam base set up, I hung it on the door of my craft room to begin work. 

I began by adding steel picks to a variety of small pieces of artificial evergreens and building up my swag, particularly around the edges.  

You can see how I built it up here.  

Here is a close up of my greens going into my styrofoam base. 

I took a wire, bent it through the little hole on my sign and then added a steel pick to the wires so my sign would hold securely in the foam.  

I just stuck my sign right in the middle of my base and then started adding additional greenery around the sign. 

Of course you have to have candy canes!  I removed the ribbon holders from these styrofoam ornaments and stuck a piece of 18 gauge wire into each of the canes.  

I added the candy canes and some peppermint ball picks to my swag.

I took small pieces of candy cane ribbon, looped it and squeezed the ends together.  

I placed the gathered end against a steel pick in my machine.  Now I have turned my loops of ribbon into picks I can add to my swag.  I did the same thing with some tails of ribbon, too.  

Look how the ribbon is bringing this all together.  

Now my candy cane Christmas swag is ready to display!  It is on my front door for now, but it might just find its home on my pantry door!  


I’ll be sharing this at Make it Pretty Monday


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  1. Chloe, I enjoy seeing all your amazing creative crafts!

    Can you tell me what type of machine you used to add the metal picks to your ribbon pieces and where I might find one? I had no idea they even made something like that. It would sure save a lot of time instead of using wired wooden picks. Thanks much!

  2. That’s a darling idea! The candy cane theme could be carried out on a Christmas tree. I love this❤️ Thanks for posting it, Chloe

  3. Love your tutorial and creativity, Chloe! Your theme this year is super cute. Your granddaughters will love it.
    I took a decor cue from you this year with things I already had. Hope to share it sometime during the season.

  4. Ok ! I am hooked ! I have been dreading decorating because its so cold & I have health issues that prevent me from doing things I use to do ! You are such an inspiration & want you to know how much I appreciate you sharing you ideas ! They are so easy to do with your step by step instructions & finished product is gorgeous & looks like it could be very expensive ! Thanks so much ! Val Hawkins

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