Celebrate the Members with a Grand Book Club Dinner Party

I love to host a dinner party. I know I don’t have enough variety of menus for them, but as long as I keep inviting different people, they will never know, right? No, honestly, I am working my way through a couple of cookbooks, trying out some new recipes! This is a special dinner, a gathering of a few friends who share a love of reading good books.

Preparing for setting the table:

Here in Florida, so many friends head for cooler climates in the when the weather heats up come summertime. Before taking a break from getting together with my fellow readers, it was time for a bit of a celebration!

Books were the obvious choice for the theme for this dinner. I picked up some old books from a local thrift store and took some pages out of them to fashion some book page placemats.

I LOVE these plates! I originally bought six of these at one of the many outlet stores outside of Philadelphia way back in the early 1980’s. I recently found two more of them on eBay and was anxious to add two more to my collection! I generally only use them as chargers, as I noticed one spot where the paint was beginning to chip off one of them.

I would be so disappointed if something happened to them and I could no longer use them. The colors are so bold and fun to use with the beautiful peonies and roses this time of the year!

I used an Exacto knife to cut a circle out of several pages of a paperback book.

I used a ramekin to fit down inside the hole. I would use it to place some floral foam to arrange my flowers.

Setting the table:

The book page placemats were topped with the floral chargers, a pale pink dinner plate and a pale green salad plate. Vintage silver looks lovely against the old book pages.

I only recently added these pink wine glasses and and glassware to my collection. I can always use more!

I always love capturing images like these with the contrast of the textures and qualities of the paper of the book pages versus the cool silver of the flatware.

A single rose was placed on each plate for each of the guests.

The flowers seemed to just be growing right out of the books.

I topped the green salad plates with antique dessert bowls. I love to use these for desserts of all kinds or for appetizers such as shrimp cocktail.

The flowers reflected the colors of the blooms on my chargers so perfectly, exactly what I was going for!

In addition to the arrangements in some of the books, I also had a variety of the books stacked across the table.

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Books we like to read:

The Domestic Diva Mysteries by Krista Davis – Recipes Included!!
The High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews
Breakfast at the Beach House Hotel by Judith Keim

You can see, we are not serious about our reading material!

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  1. So perfect Chloe, and how creative!! Your book club had to love this!! Your flowers match your wonderful rose plates, soo pretty!! Mary Kay Andrews is one of my favorite authors, and I will check out Krista Davis, I love cozy mysteries!

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